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The Perfect Viewpoint Pt 5

12th Dec 2014

Photographs by Adrian Stone  Portraits of children and pets are often taken by adults standing up. This viewpoint diminishes the power of the subject, so they appear submissive and vulnerable. So try shooting upwards at your…
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The Perfect Viewpoint Pt 4

5th Dec 2014

Photograph by Hao-Wu 'Runner' Beijing, China In the image above, Hao Wu has generated a great sense of drama in his photograph. He took the image from just above street level. This viewpoint increases the image's…
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The Perfect Viewpoint Pt 3

28th Nov 2014

Photo by Swapnali Mathkar 'Fire in water, Salt Lake, Utah, USA Leading lines within a photograph help to draw the viewer's attention to a specific element, or to tell a story as a journey. They are…
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The Perfect Viewpoint Pt 2

21st Nov 2014

Reflection Beijing taken by Hao Wu Architectural photographs of tall buildings often need to be taken when you are fairly close to them, so how can you avoid converging verticals? To reduce the effect, move back as…
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The Perfect Viewpoint pt 1

14th Nov 2014

The following set of tutorials draw on the compositional elements of images taken in a variety of settings across the world. They vary in their content, style and impact. What they all have in common…
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Event Photography Overseas

14th Jul 2014

Event photography has the advantage of predictability; you know when your event will take place and you can plan accordingly. That said, you only get the one opportunity to get each shot. Try to get…
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Street Photography Overseas

7th Jul 2014

Street photographers need to be prepared to take their shot because their subject is unpredictable and fleeting. It is impractical for them to carry a full set of photo…
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Wildlife Photography Overseas

1st Jul 2014

Shooting wildlife in its natural habitat is very demanding. Wildlife is elusive and photographers need expertise, patience and perseverance. Beginners can make a start by photographing fauna in captivity,…
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Photographing Overseas

1st Jul 2014

Travel photography is very popular. You fly off to exotic locations and shoot whatever catches your eye. You will be visiting all the key landmarks, so why not photograph them? Unfortunately we sometimes end up…
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Painting With Light

1st Jun 2014

Painting with Light You can never see this scene captured in this image, no matter how hard you search for it. It doesn't exist, because…
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