Essential Tips

Essential Tips: Leading Lines

20th Jul 2017

Leading lines are used to draw the viewer’s eye through an image in different directions, usually either towards or away from a point of interest. When we think about reading a book, the eye has been…
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Essential Tips: Compositional Balance

14th Jun 2017

Balance is a compositional technique that perhaps isn’t as specific as other compositional ‘rules’ such as the rule of thirds; whereby subjects are aligned with guide lines and their intersecting points to create dynamic within…
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Essential Tips For Improving Your Landscape Photography

1st Aug 2016

1. SHOOT IN MANUAL MODE AND IN RAW FORMAT In order to have full creative control of your images it's important to carefully choose of all of your settings and have a solid understanding of exposure.…
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Essential Tips for Improving Your Portraiture Photography

14th Jul 2015

1. CONSIDER PERSPECTIVE How you choose to photograph a scene can have a huge impact on the narrative of an image. Perspective, both in terms…
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The Nature Photographer's Code of Practice

20th Jan 2015

King Penguin Courtship taken by David Osborn in the Falkland Islands Our new exhibition Wildlife of the World will be going…
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