The Perfect Viewpoint Pt 4

Photograph by Hao-Wu

Photograph by Hao-Wu ‘Runner’ Beijing, China

In the image above, Hao Wu has generated a great sense of drama in his photograph. He took the image from just above street level. This viewpoint increases the image’s tension, as does placing the subject in the centre of the frame. He’s also made the most of the strong directional light to emphasise the anxiety in her face, all set against an urban Asian background. This has been produced to illustrate some of the tensions and challenges of modern urban life, whereas in reality she may have just been making a routine telephone call on a windy day.

Photograph by Sheila Haycox

Photograph by Sheila Haycox ‘Strolling’ Whitby, England

In the photograph you can see above,Sheila Haycox illustrates the importance of choosing the ideal viewpoint. The blue pavers at her feet take us immediately to the focal point of the image, the striking, Gothic styled figure looming above the horizon. Sheila has used a wide-angle lens in portrait mode to emphasise the beauty of the wet cobbled street, and she also placed her subject between two small vertical elements. The mood is enhanced by the rich, saturated colours. The power of the image is created primarily by the low viewpoint.

It would be wonderful if we could capture extraordinary photographs by chance, but in reality the majority of great photographs have required a lot of planning and preparation, as in this instance.