Photographing Overseas

Travel photography is very popular. You fly off to exotic locations and shoot whatever catches your eye. You will be visiting all the key landmarks, so why not photograph them? Unfortunately we sometimes end up with a rather mixed set of images taken in unsuitable weather or light. Far stronger images are available at the click of a mouse.

Here's a different approach. Many of us already have a preference for landscapes, street photography or wildlife for instance, so why not draw on that expertise in exotic locations? Our photos will be stronger and more original than the standard travel shots. And we need to focus, don't we

Guided photographic tours can take you to the most photogenic parts of the world. All the arrangements are made for you, you will be in good company and you'll get some great shots. But tours can be very expensive. They suit beginners needing tuition, and those with specialist interests.

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan your own trip, but you can choose your own dates and go where you like. Alternatively, a fellow photographer or a long-suffering partner will provide company and support, but you must be willing to compromise.

Detailed planning beforehand will always pay off. Look at images online and visit forums for advice. You'll need a daily itinerary; build in some flexibility where you can.

The average DSLR owner isn't in his or her first flush of youth, so be sensible when it comes to packing. Pack individual items carefully to avoid damage and make sure it is insured. It is possible to hire photographic equipment in some countries. Take backup batteries and lots of memory cards. Consider using a portable hard disk to back up your images as you go. These items add to the overall cost, but keep in mind how much it is costing you to get your images!