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THE BASICS - Film Speed (ISO)

17th Feb 2012

This tutorial offers a simple overview of the ISO (Film Speed) settings on your SLR.
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THE BASICS - Aperture and Shutter Speed

9th Feb 2012

This tutorial explains the aperture and shutter release speed settings on your SLR and how to use them to affect the depth of field and motion in your photographs.
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Kodak down, but out?

19th Jan 2012

FotoNews Kodak going down…?I has to be said that it was with no small amount of sadness that we received the news that Kodak, that iconic photographic brand which has been credited with bringing photography to…
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Prime Lenses

1st Jan 2009

PRIME LENSES Prime lenses differ from zoom lenses - they have a fixed focal length. To make your subject larger in the…
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