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Essential Tips For Improving Your Landscape Photography

1st Aug 2016

1. SHOOT IN MANUAL MODE AND IN RAW FORMAT In order to have full creative control of your images it's important to carefully choose of all of your settings and have a solid understanding of exposure.…
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Photographing Wildlife

1st Dec 2015

PREPARATION: Almost everyone with a camera would like to be a wildlife photographer. Let's face it, it's cool! It sounds really exciting; but it can often be demanding, expensive and sometimes frustrating. However, the process of…
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Sky’s the limit!

1st Nov 2015

Sky's the limit! PLANNING Wintertime is ideal for photographing the sky at night because it gets dark earlier, and you need to dress warm if you are standing around waiting for long exposures. Keep your health…
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Architectural Photography

1st Oct 2015

More than half of the world's population now live in cities, so architectural photographers are spoilt for choice. Just spend a day with your camera in town, you'll be…
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Night Photography

1st Sep 2015

One way to introduce drama and magic to otherwise familiar scenes is by shooting at night time. But this doesn't mean you'll be shooting in complete darkness, you'll still…
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20th Jul 2015

More often referred to as black-and-white photography, the term monochrome includes images with a single tint, for instance sepia. Black-and-white photography is often used to emphasise…
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Essential Tips for Improving Your Portraiture Photography

14th Jul 2015

1. CONSIDER PERSPECTIVE How you choose to photograph a scene can have a huge impact on the narrative of an image. Perspective, both in terms…
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Visual Balance

1st Apr 2015

A sense of visual balance is essential in a photograph, without it we find the image unsatisfying. Balance is achieved with a combination of symmetry and harmony. Symmetry is generated by placing one large, single subject…
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1st Mar 2015

PERSPECTIVE We usually want our two-dimensional photographs to appear three-dimensional. Knowing how to take full advantage of your camera's controls is important, but the key to producing dramatic pictures lies with the design…
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The Nature Photographer's Code of Practice

20th Jan 2015

King Penguin Courtship taken by David Osborn in the Falkland Islands Our new exhibition Wildlife of the World will be going…
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