The Photographic Angle regularly runs photographic competitions which are open and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, ability, experience, equipment or age.

Each competition has a theme, chosen by our Head of Design, and we welcome submissions that illustrate this theme showcasing originality and a unique viewpoint. The competitions are free to enter and TPA enlists the help of an independent judge who is given the responsibility of selecting the winning entries. One photographer whose entry is deemed the best representation of the competition theme will be awarded a prize.

Throughout the year, our Head of Design will also choose a selection of the best entries submitted to various competition themes for inclusion in one of our future photographic exhibitions. The chosen images will then be printed by the charity and exhibited at no expense to the photographers. If your work is chosen for inclusion you will be contacted via email and asked to send us high resolution versions of your work.

The World at your Feet

Can you remember the times in your life when you have felt as though you had the world at your feet?
Maybe you were graduating, going travelling, getting married or starting a new chapter in your life in some other way?
There are many ways that this theme may be interpreted. It can be a time that was full of possibility, of potential; a magnificent view from a high place with the world spread out at your feet, so either quite literally or figuratively.
It could also be an invitation to stop and see the world at your feet, to look down and see the ground from a different angle, capture the stories that the ground will tell. A chance to maybe engage in macro photography, images of minutiae showing details that are usually not noticed as we walk around in our busy daily lives.

For this competition, we invite you to capture moments of euphoria, to share those moments that have made you feel as though you, or someone else, had the ‘World at your feet’. We would like to see your creative interpretations of this theme: literal, figurative or metaphorical.

Competition Closes for Entries on February 28th


The Photography Book, 2nd Edition

A revised and updated edition of Phaidon’s bestselling book, which brings this landmark work fully up-to-date with new additions covering the latest developments in photography. The Photography Book is an unsurpassed collection of over 550 superb images that represent the world’s best photographers from the mid-nineteenth century to today. Arranged alphabetically by photographer, it showcases pioneers such as Gustave Le Gray and Daguerre, icons like Robert Capa and contemporary names such as Richard Wentworth and Carolee Schneemann. The selection encompasses fashion, sport, natural history, reportage, society portraiture, documentary and art, with concise text providing useful insight into each work and its creator. Also included are extensive cross-references and glossaries of technical terms and movements.

Competition Judge

Nick is a retired corporate communications and marketing manager having worked in senior positions in the telecommunications and energy industries. He lives in Norfolk.

He has been making pictures for 50 years having started out with a Kodak Instamatic when he was 12 years old. Although having successfully moved from darkroom to the digital environment, he does still use a film camera from time to time. He has been involved in and competed at local camera clubs since the 1970s and is a member of Wayland Photographic Club in Norfolk and a camera club judge on the East Anglian Federation of Photographical Societies circuit.

Although experimenting with many genres of photography his first love is monochromatic images that capture the light and atmosphere of the British landscape and also in photographing natural history subjects. He actively participates in national and international exhibitions.