The Photographic Angle regularly runs photographic competitions which are open and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, ability, experience, equipment or age.

Each competition has a theme, chosen by our Head of Design, and we welcome submissions that illustrate this theme showcasing originality and a unique viewpoint. The competitions are free to enter and TPA enlists the help of an independent judge who is given the responsibility of selecting the winning entries. One photographer whose entry is deemed the best representation of the competition theme will be awarded a prize.

Throughout the year, our Head of Design will also choose a selection of the best entries submitted to various competition themes for inclusion in one of our future photographic exhibitions. The chosen images will then be printed by the charity and exhibited at no expense to the photographers. If your work is chosen for inclusion you will be contacted via email and asked to send us high resolution versions of your work.

Community Spirit

According to Amitai Etzioni, an Israeli-American sociologist, best known for his work on socioeconomics and communitarianism, community spirit is a unity of people in society who uphold and share similar values and resources.

Community cohesion is created when individuals are willing to sacrifice their own interests and engage in activities that benefit the community.

Community spirit is a feeling of involvement in and concern for one’s local community. This may be expressed through locally organised, informal or spontaneous events and activities designed to promote the community and create a feeling of collectiveness.

Usually carried out by a group of volunteers who have a common goal, activities may include clearing rubbish or picking up litter, renovating public spaces, tending to a community garden, running a community fair, taking part in a school fete, hosting a charity event, or even taking part in neighbourhood watch schemes.

The idea is that by making small personal sacrifices we can create a larger benefit for all of us. Such activities also help to educate us about our moral responsibilities and promote friendliness and understanding between local people.

For this theme we are looking for photos that depict community spirit and the effects of actions undertaken by the community to improve society and reinforce social bonds. What has happened in your community that has created a sense of pride and enhanced the sense of belonging? Can you capture this in your images?

Competition closes for entries on December 31st 2018.


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Competition Judge

Bob Hamilton

Bob Hamilton has spent his working life developing software but has always been most at home with either a camera or a pen in his hand, taking pictures or writing words. He only began to take his photography seriously after a friend had seen his personal blog in 2011, liked the photographs taken to illustrate some of the posts, and suggested a photo journal site called Blipfoto where the idea is to post a single photograph and some accompanying words each and every day.

Bob describes himself as an opportunistic photographer. He takes photographs of the landscapes and streetscapes he passes through, as well as the people he chances to meet along the way. He never sets out to take specific pictures. They are delivered in the course of going about his everyday life. He exclusively uses a compact, which is always in his pocket, wherever he is, whatever he happens to be doing. It means that no opportunity is ever missed. He would like his photography to be thought of as a celebration of the extraordinary that is to be seen everywhere in the ordinariness of life. Extraordinary sights. Extraordinary people.

His journey as a photographer has been very much one of learning how to see. The desire to publish a photograph every day has encouraged him to be bold in taking candid pictures and also in approaching people on the street for portraits. His favourite shots are those that are telling or suggesting a story. Bob is not so much interested in the technical excellence of a photograph but its feeling. It’s all about the emotional response. The greatest satisfaction in his own photography is when he feels something out in the world and manages to capture that in such a way that other people are able to feel it too. That’s the ultimate measure of a successful photograph.