The Photographic Angle regularly runs photographic competitions which are open and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, ability, experience, equipment or age.

Each competition has a theme, chosen by our Head of Design, and we welcome submissions that illustrate this theme showcasing originality and a unique viewpoint. The competitions are free to enter and TPA enlists the help of an independent judge who is given the responsibility of selecting the winning entries. One photographer whose entry is deemed the best representation of the competition theme will be awarded a prize.

Throughout the year, our Head of Design will also choose a selection of the best entries submitted to various competition themes for inclusion in one of our future photographic exhibitions. The chosen images will then be printed by the charity and exhibited at no expense to the photographers. If your work is chosen for inclusion you will be contacted via email and asked to send us high resolution versions of your work.


Portraiture is one of the most common forms of photography. The art of capturing a person or a group of people has been around long before photography was even invented. But with the advent of the camera, portrait photography became a much simpler and quicker way to create images in which people are the main point of interest. In these images the face, facial features as well as facial expressions are made predominant and the images attempt to capture the personality of the subject.

There are many different techniques when it comes to portrait photography, but there are essentially four different approaches — the constructionist, environmental, candid, and creative approach.

The constructionist approach is the one used in most studio and social photography and is often used for marketing and advertising purposes. This approach revolves around the photographer constructing an idea around the portrait such as a loving couple, a respected leader or a healthy child.

The environmental approach will depict the subject of the image in their environment. This may be an athlete on the track, a chef in a kitchen or an employee at their desk. These images reveal more information about those being photographed.

In the candid approach, the images are taken without the subject being aware and often feature people going about their everyday life. It is this approach that is often taken by the media and has often been criticised for being invasive. But these images do help to paint an important historical picture of the world at a given moment.

Finally, the creative approach is one where digital manipulation is used to improve the quality of the images. It is becoming much more widespread today especially since the advent of social media.

For this competition you can take any of the approaches above and make them your own. Try to be as creative as possible to make your portrait stand out from the rest. Think about how you frame your subject and how you light them. Play around with the backgrounds you choose and the way that you pose your subjects. Try altering your perspective or perhaps experiment with eye contact and emotions.

We’re looking forward to seeing your most memorable shots.



 Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs


“It makes you want to get out and see the world, camera in hand…”―Amateur Photographer

“At heart a chronicler of catastrophe… McCurry’s lushly coloured, far flung reportage has made his work some of the most recognisable among that of Magnum photographers, but a new book Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs reminds us that perhaps his most striking asset is a relationship with Afghanistan that dates back to the Seventies.”―Daily Telegraph

Steve McCurry: Untold spans 30 years of McCurry’s career and includes fascinating ephemera from his travels: diary entries, photos of him at work and some of the 20-plus passports he’s gone through over the decades… He manages to make the world seem enormous and quite small; exotic, and somehow familiar.”―TIME

“Spread over some 250 pages are famous and lesser-known images, as well as anecdotes and shots of ephemera he gathered along the way, including letters and journal pages.”―The Wall Street Journal

“A collection of diary entries, photographs and some of the 20 passports that this award-winning photojournalist have been put together in this incredible book spanning his 30 year career… A coffee table book that is more than a pretty face.”―What the Grazia Team Wants for Christmas: Anna Dewhurst, Senior Picture Editor, chooses Untold –

About the Author

Steve McCurry (b.1950) launched his career as a photojournalist when, disguised in native garb, he crossed the Pakistan border into Afghanistan thirty years ago. His remarkable coverage won him the Robert Capa Gold Medal, which is awarded to photographers who exhibit exceptional courage and enterprise. A recipient of an unprecedented four World Press Photo first prizes in a single year, many of McCurry’s images have since become modern icons. Famous for his work across Southeast Asia, McCurry’s photographs are beautiful, uplifting and affecting. McCurry is a regular contributor to many international journals including National Geographic magazine. He is a member of Magnum Photos.

Competition Judge

Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan, EFIAP, EsFIAP, HonFICS, HonSSS

Mahfuzul Hasan Bhuiyan is an Architectural photographer based in Austin, Texas and represented by Image Colleague Society, USA. He is an architect and a photographic artist who specializes in evocative images of the living world. It is his passion that has brought him to professional photographic practice. His extended interest in different photographic genre inspired him to capture mundane life around the globe. His photographs of people reveal a compassionate understanding of his subjects. But whether it’s the countryside or the bustling city, his subjects and the photos portray raw emotion and never ending search. In the process, viewers are taken on a journey to what all human yearn for – essence of happiness.

As recognition , Mahfuzul works have won hundreds prestigious awards in photography and exhibited in different international exhibitions including Humanity Photo Award-China, Marmaris Photo festival-Turkey, Photographers Forum-USA, WHO International award-Malaysia, Mundial Photo Festival-Croatia, Foto Odlot-Poland, International Image Circuit-Netherlands, EYUP Municipality award-Turkey, Imaging our future together-The World Bank, Bucovina Mileniul-Romania, Uksudar Municipality award-Turkey,NFI Foto-Meisterschaft-Austria, International Photo Exhibition Mladi- Slovenia, Trofeo Torrets-Spain, Portrait Circuit-Serbia, ISF World Cup-France, GASO and Norga Circuit-USA, GHF & UNEP Global Photography Competition, Click Conserve & Care-India, Master Cup-USA etc. In 2015, he has been selected as “Photographer of the Year” award from Konya Photo Festival, Turkey.

Currently, Mahfuzul is the Chairman of Patronage Division of Image Colleague Society and United States Photographic Alliance. He is also one of the co-founders of Bangladesh Society of Photographic Arts (BSPA) and Pern Images. He has been a fellow of several international photographic organizations and served as a jury member for many national and international photographic competitions too. The things that he has achieved a set of standards in the field of photography and inspired many of current generation of photographers.