The Photographic Angle (TPA) is a charitable organisation set up to promote the education of the public in the art and science of photography. We stage exhibitions that are free to enter and that travel across the UK transforming otherwise empty spaces into photographic galleries. Exhibitions comprise large scale photographs together with technical data, information about the photographic theme, boards containing inspirational quotes and boards containing hints and tips on photography. Professional, student and amateur photographers submit their work for possible inclusion in one of our travelling exhibitions, which are curated by our Head of Design. The work that we do offers the public a chance to explore this fascinating medium which can be art, a profession, or simply a pastime.

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TPA News

Our  ‘Monochrome’ theme is back on tour, currently in Feltham:

If you’re in the area, come along to 5 & 7 New Square, Bedfont Lakes, Feltham from Saturday 13th to Wednesday 17th July, 10am to 3pm each day.

The Monochrome format simplifies and strengthens our photographs. We highlight patterns of light and shadow, or use light falling across a surface to emphasise a grainy texture. A careful arrangement of shapes, lines, textures and patterns can transform a photograph.

We look forward to seeing you there!

TPA News

A change of dates means a change of theme, so everyone in Reading, we have a treat for you!

If you are in the area, come along to Abbey Gardens, Abbey Street and Forbury Place, 23 Forbury Road from 28th July to 1st August, 10am to 3pm, for some Architectural inspiration.

This exhibition features a powerful catalogue of striking images that depict all aspects of architecture and help us to recognise the beauty that can be found in the smallest of details.

TPA News

We have a brand new venue in London, Lavington House, which will accommodate one of our largest exhibitions.

We are taking our ever popular theme ‘Patterns’ in there, so if you are in need of inspiration and are in London, here are the details:

Lavington House, 25 Lavington Street, SE1 0NZ open from Wednesday 24th July to Sunday 28th July, 10am to 3pm each day

The photographers in this exhibition have taken nature, architecture, art, design and more as their inspiration. They have experimented with repetition, tessellation, symmetry, perspective, angles and magnification to create powerful images using visual patterns.

TPA News
The 4 Elements

Earth, air, fire and water – beautiful but deadly!

We are taking this theme back on tour this quarter and it will make it’s debut in Benchmark House in Weybridge.

We hope to see you in Benchmark House, 203 Brooklands Road, Weybridge KT13 0BG, from Wednesday 31st July to Sunday 4th August, 10am to 3pm each day

The images on display in this exhibition present The 4 Elements in all their glory. They successfully convey the life-sustaining powers found in earth, air, fire and water and the importance of these elements for life on earth.

TPA News
Competition - Selective Colour

This competition will appeal to all who love to dabble in a bit of post-production processing! We’ve asked for ‘monochrome’ and ‘colourful’, so this time we have opted for a little bit of both.
Selective colour photography is the process of photo manipulation in which you convert a photo to black and white whilst leaving an “accent” or partial colour on a photograph or a selected area. This is an effective way to draw the eye to an area or object in an image, or it can be used to add an element of fun to images; the idea is to be creative and enjoy the process.

This competition will close for entries on 31st August 2019 at midnight (GMT)

TPA News
Our submission process has changed

Anyone who has submitted work to be included in one of our catalogues in the past, would have done this via a submissions page link. However, due to an overwhelming and fantastic response to our competitions, TPA have decided to curate its catalogues from the best of our competition entrants. The quality of work submitted to competitions over the years has been outstanding hence the decision to merge the two.

In short, anyone interested in having their work displayed at our venues should enter our competitions instead. The favourites will be contacted in due course throughout the year as and when a new catalogue print is scheduled. Please view our competitions page for further details.

TPA News
All Exhibitions are free to enter!

This is just a little reminder that all of our photography exhibitions are free to have a look around. We welcome group visits from schools, colleges and universities and will do whatever we can, to ensure that students gain the most from their experience. Please email or give us a call on 0800 028 7338 to discuss this further.

TPA News
200 Faces

We are bringing our portrait exhibition theme back on tour this quarter.

Starting in Green Park, Reading, the exhibition will be open from Saturday 17th August to Wednesday 21st August, 10am to 3pm each day

Every portrait reveals more than just the character and appearance of the sitter. When we look at a portrait, we see something of the photographer and something of ourselves. The images on show were captured by an exciting group of contemporary photographers who were in different stages of their careers


  • Monochrome
  • Feltham - Bedfont Lakes, Feltham
  • 13 July 2019 - 17 July 2019
  • Monochrome
  • London, CP House, London
  • 20 July 2019 - 24 July 2019