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RPS 'How To' Guides - How to make a Pinhole Camera

28th Sep 2017

TPA are proud associates with The Royal Photographic Society. Their 'How To' Guides offer fantastic educational features written by experienced photographers on a range of topics to inspire and guide you. From shooting star trails…
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The Case for Tripods

1st May 2014

The Case for Tripods Why buy a tripod when lenses have mechanisms for reducing camera shake, and cameras with high ISO ratings are reasonably priced?…
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2nd Dec 2013

Sony PL Mount Prime Lenses Prime lenses differ from zoom lenses - they have a fixed focal length. To make your subject larger in the frame with a prime you…
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Normal Lenses

1st Nov 2013

Normal lenses are so called because they offer a similar field of view to how we see the world, it looks natural. Normal lenses have a…
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1st Oct 2013

Whereas telephoto lenses are used to capture small subjects at a distance, wide angle lenses let the photographer include all…
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2nd Sep 2013

Telephoto lenses make distant objects appear closer. They are the wildlife photographer's favourite because they can take strong images without disturbing their subject.…
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1st Aug 2013

Lenses are very important purchases. They generate the image that the camera then records. Do give your lens purchases full consideration before you…
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Compact Cameras

15th May 2013

Compacts have advantages over larger, more expensive cameras; they are smaller, lighter and more likely to be with you when you need them. Also known as point and shoot cameras, basic compacts are often the…
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Introducing Digital SLR Cameras

11th Mar 2013

Digital SLR cameras are so called because they have an internal mirror for you to compose your photo accurately. The image you see in the viewfinder is…
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Image Formats and Print Requirements

8th Feb 2013

These terms are used to describe your photo technically. Term Definition Notes Image formats: · Raw Raw format preserves all the image's data; the file is uncompressed. Best format for advanced photo editing, but large file to store. Can slow PC.…
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