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Chinese New Year: 5th February 2019

6th Feb 2019

Olivier Ramera 'Traffic' Traditionally, the holiday, known as Spring Festival, encompassing the Chinese New Year, lasts for 15 days. The date of the New Year itself changes each year as it is calculated according to…
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Pic of the Week: Snow! 1st February 2019

1st Feb 2019

Victor Tregubov Looooots of Snow This white stuff has been the main subject of conversation, both spoken and on social media for the last few days, so we thought we'd join in with this stunning image…
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National Storytelling Week 2019

24th Jan 2019

Last Kiss by Knut Hybinette "Stories belong to everyone.... what's your story? What will you be telling and where will you be telling it?" Created by Del Reid and Paul Jackson from the Society for Storytelling,…
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Pic of the Week: Burns Night: 25 January 2019

23rd Jan 2019

Pawel Zygmunt 'The King of Scotland' Burns Night, now a national event commemorating the life of revolutionary Scot, Robert Burns, was originally a memorial dinner for close friends and family. Robert "Rabbie" Burns, Scotland's National Poet, wrote…
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Pic of the Week:Winnie the Pooh Day

18th Jan 2019

Janette Hill 'Eurasian Brown Bear Today is Winnie the Pooh day, chosen as 18th January was author, A.A Milne's birthday. The characters in the popular stories and now multi million dollar Disney franchise, are based on cuddly…
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Pic of the Week: National Youth Day: India

11th Jan 2019

Eduardo Seastres 'Baby in the Basket' The Indian Government declared Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, January 12, as National Youth Day to honor the great spiritual leader, and to encourage the youth in the country. In 1893…
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Get inspired to enter our Community Spirit Photographic Competition

12th Dec 2018

Our 'Community Spirit' Photographic Competition has been open since the beginning of November and we recently stumbled across this amazing project 'MyLondon' by Cafe Art and absolutely had to share it with you! The annual MyLondon…
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Interview : Travel Photographer Yevhen Samuchenko

5th Dec 2018

Night rails -green light train way with motion stars, stratrails skyes Yevhen Samuchenko is a photographer who has successfully submitted his work to many of our exhibition themes and photographic competitions. Hailing from Ukraine, Yevhen is…
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Pic of the Week: St Andrew's Day

30th Nov 2018

Saint Andrew has been the patron saint of Scotland for centuries – thousands of years in fact as he was made patron saint in 1320. This was when Scotland declared independence. On November 30th, in…
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Monochrome Inspiration: Black & White Faces

29th Nov 2018

We have found a great article on Bored Panda which features a series of images taken by independent photographer Luc Kordas. The photographic series features black and white images of people taken on the NYC…
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