Interview : Travel Photographer Yevhen Samuchenko

5th Dec 2018

Night rails -green light train way with motion stars, stratrails skyes Yevhen Samuchenko is a photographer who has successfully submitted his work to many of our exhibition themes and photographic competitions. Hailing from Ukraine, Yevhen is…
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Pic of the Week: St Andrew's Day

30th Nov 2018

Saint Andrew has been the patron saint of Scotland for centuries – thousands of years in fact as he was made patron saint in 1320. This was when Scotland declared independence. On November 30th, in…
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Monochrome Inspiration: Black & White Faces

29th Nov 2018

We have found a great article on Bored Panda which features a series of images taken by independent photographer Luc Kordas. The photographic series features black and white images of people taken on the NYC…
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Competition Close Up - The Great Outdoors - Interview with Mary Auckland

28th Nov 2018

Into the Okavango Competition Close Up, interview with Mary Auckland, winner of The Great Outdoors competition Our judge, Sandy Scott said that this image looked like a 'wonderful, moody oil painting with perfect composition and colouration'.  We…
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Monochrome Exhibition on Tour

28th Nov 2018

Our Monochrome exhibition is currently out on  tour very briefly. It has just left Maidenhead where it was on show last week and it is currently open in London. This is the last time it…
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Splash of Colour Inspiration: Acolorstory

27th Nov 2018

As our Splash of Colour exhibition opens briefly in London this week, we decided to do a post focusing on inspirational colour photography.  Acolorstory is a beautiful and striking Instagram account that showcases bright and…
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Pic of the Week : Monochrome

23rd Nov 2018

Greylag Geese by Patricia Gibson taken in Farnham, England This weekend is the last opportunity to see our Monochrome exhibition on show in Maidenhead before it heads off to London for one last outing this year.…
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Sebastiao salgado official on Instagram

Monochrome Inspiration: Sebastião Salgado

20th Nov 2018

Our Monochrome exhibition is about to open in Maidenhead before heading off to London for it's final showing of 2018. If you're looking for some monochrome inspiration, we'd like to highlight the stunning work of …
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Pic of the Week : International Men's Day

16th Nov 2018

‘Dancing Dani’ by Gunther De Bruyne On Monday it is International Men's Day. This worldwide event celebrates the positive value men bring to the world, to their families and to the communities in which they live.…
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John Gilliard

The Story of a Photograph

12th Nov 2018

Nigel Dutt is a retired computer software engineer turned photographer. He is based in Devon where he enjoys photographing landscapes, flowers, architecture, racing cars, townscapes and works of art. His work has featured in our exhibitions…
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