Pick of the Week : Bonfire Night : 5th November 2019

Image: Chris Dorney ‘Thames Festival Fireworks London’

And so it comes round again – the day every year when we celebrate the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a Mr Guy Fawkes in 1605.

All over the country there will have been local communities getting together and building huge bonfires, setting off vast quantities of fireworks and maybe even burning an effigy of the aforementioned Mr Fawkes on top of the bonfire. When I was younger, it was common to see children who had stuffed a shirt and pair of their Father’s trousers with straw, or some such material, put a jacket and a scarf on, and would ask for a ‘penny for the Guy’. We don’t see that nowadays. I’m not sure why.

We have chosen this image from Chris Dorney to celebrate Bonfire Night this year and I love the fact that the more I look at the image, the more I see. Fireworks reflected in the River Thames, the Clock Tower for the Houses of Parliament – the scene of the original crime, the Royal Family, The London Eye and many more details that draw the eye around the image.

If you are celebrating this weekend, stay safe!