Competition Close Up: Selective Colour Winner: Nimai Chandra Ghosh

Image: Nimai Chandra Ghosh ‘I love my green world’


Congratulations to Nimai, winner of the ‘Selective Colour’ Competition. Here, we find out more about the winning image, and the man behind the camera.

The image was taken in an area of West Bengal in India, in a village called Taldi. Nimai was there with his camera as he was out on a photo shoot in the area.

As Nimai was walking around the village, looking for some good photo opportunities, he came across a group of young boys, playing in a pond. He noticed that the pond was full of green moss, and that they had a globe in the pond with them! He started chatting to the boys and they told him that they very much loved their green world, which was where the title came from.

As Nimai started taking photos of the boys, he suddenly noticed one of the lads on his own, holding the globe and smiling the most fantastic smile. Nimai seized the moment and took the shot, capturing the joy that the boy shows, playing in a pond that is full of moss, having got moss over his face, clutching his globe, happy to be in his green world.

Nimai has been a photographer since 1980 and has loved the process of taking images that tell a story, ever since.

His best piece of advice to other photographers is to work hard, have patience, wait for the right moment to capture an image, one that tells a story! As well as that, you need to understand how to use the light you have to the best effect, and look for a fantastic backdrop.

Nimai will be taking more photos in various parts of India, but if he could go anywhere, he would venture out to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tibet and Nepal.


Thank you Nimai, for taking the time to share with us the background story of your wonderful image, we too love our green world.

We hope you get the opportunity to visit the places you would love to photograph, and we would love to see the images you take.