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Portrait Photography : The World in London

20th Aug 2012

The London 2012 Olympic games may be over, but there are plenty of Olympic-inspired photography projects around to keep the energy and excitement buzzing as it has been over the past few weeks. For…
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Guest Post: The Potential of Connected, Social Photography

15th Aug 2012

Princes Bridge, Melbourne | Image by Misho Baranovic For this post we have asked five members of the international photographic collective, the Mobile Photo…
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Guest Post: How to take an Honest Picture

8th Aug 2012

Today we have a guest post on the blog by student photojournalist David Shaw. His photographs of the Palestinian Olive Harvest, which took place in 2011, will feature in the touring…
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Patrick Sim: Exploring a Journey Through People

1st Aug 2012

In the summer of 2010, Patrick Sim undertook a journey travelling between Iceland and Venice and then back to the UK solely by land and sea transportation. He documented his journey through photography and recently…
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The Rule of Thirds

23rd Jul 2012

The 'Rule of Thirds' can help create natural balance in your photograph and add to its impact.
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Image bu Paul Reas, Newport Photography Alumni

Interview: Paul Cabuts, Academic Subject Leader in Photography, University of Wales, Newport

23rd Jul 2012

Image by John Warburton, Newport Photography Alumni This post is the first in a series of interviews in which we talk to some successful and influential professionals from the multitude of fields that make up the…
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Spotlight: Vernacular Photography

4th Jul 2012

Our Vernacular photography exhibition is just about to embark on its second tour of the country, this time stopping off in Crawley, Bracknell, Croydon, London, Leeds and Newcastle. This was a particularly interesting theme, mostly…
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Spotlight: 200 Faces

31st May 2012

Allen Myers is one of the photographers whose work is featured in our touring exhibition 200 Faces. For the past few years he has been travelling the world and documenting his experiences through photography. We…
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One Day. Millions of Perspectives

15th May 2012

Picture today, inspire tomorrow
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HDR Tutorial

14th May 2012

David Meredith's tutorial explains how to create HDR photographs using photomatix and adobe photoshop.
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