Introducing Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR cameras are so called because they have an internal mirror for you to compose your photo accurately. The image you see in the viewfinder is reflected through the lens, so it displays exactly what you see in your photo. DSLRs also allow you to swap the lens, which expands the range of photographs you can take. You can buy a DSLR camera by itself and choose your first lens separately, or buy both together as a kit. Over time you may want to buy other equipment, for instance more specialist lenses, a flash, a tripod, filters etc.

All DSLRs have a host of features. They have very high shutter speeds for action shots and excellent meters to ensure your pictures are correctly exposed. They have a large rear display (LCD) to instantly review your photos, and many have features such as Live View and video. The high quality of DSLR cameras make them the choice of committed photographers.

Buying a digital camera is an important decision. They are expensive but very rewarding. You will need patience and time to learn how to get the best results. Do choose your camera carefully. Lenses tend to fit just one brand of camera, and as your lenses will be perfectly good for many years, you'll want to replace your camera with one that fits your lenses.

Take your time in making your decision, and seek advice. It's tempting to buy on price, but you need to be sure about your purchase. These days they are fewer camera shops, so an online purchase may be your best option. There are many guides to buying a DSLR on the internet, and some online retailers combine excellent customer service with competitive prices. For the UK and Europe try Wex Photographic.




Large sensors will produce high quality photos.

Bulky and heavy (with extra lenses), but these cameras have superior handling.

Consider buying a DSLR if you can spend the time to get the most out of it.

Full creative control.

Computer needed for storage and processing.

Try to avoid buying the lowest quality lenses.

Can upgrade and expand your equipment.

Relatively expensive; DSLR camera and lens kits start at around £300.

Be warned, DSLR photography can become an all consuming hobby!

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