Great Feedback from our Peterborough Exhibition

One of things that we really love here at The Photographic Angle is receiving great feedback about the exhibitions that we put on. It really makes all our hard work worthwhile knowing that our visitors have appreciated the artwork on display and feel that they have learnt something from their visit. So you can imagine how happy we were to see a review of our 200 Faces exhibition that took place at Lynchwood House in Peterborough in August.

Adam Newsome is currently studying for a BA (Hons) Photography degree through the Open College of the Arts. He went along to our exhibition as part of the ongoing research he does for his course and really enjoyed his trip. He has written a fantastically detailed review of the exhibition on his blog, so if you were wondering what to expect from one of our exhibitions it is well worth a read.

Adam says: “I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and I highly recommend it to anyone, photographer or otherwise. I did not feel that any of the work on display was elitist. All of the work was given equal prominence, and I felt that no one photograph was better than another, just different (although I have my favourites). 200 photo’s is a lot in one genre, but I can honestly say that each photograph was different and engaging. The exhibition left me feeling that my own work was neither better or worse than the work I’d seen on display, creatively, aesthetically or technically. It’s just different. I’m very tempted to submit some future work for exhibition, not only to see if it can make the grade and be selected, but to get it out there and seen by a wider audience.”

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