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Testimonials from Architecture

Architecture Reading Abbey Gardens

28th Jul 2019 - 1st Aug 2019

An interesting range of styles and subjects, which were aesthetically pleasing even if you don’t have a specific interest in Architecture.

Eleanor Astbury

Architecture Reading Forbury place

28th Jul 2019 - 1st Aug 2019

We are a group of 3 photographers with U3A, enjoy seeing what others do! Interesting exhibitions.

Linda Twibill

One of your best exhibitions. Many different aspects.

A visitor to Abbey Gardens Reading

Nice to see Architecture removed from context, reduced to shape and textures, alongside Architecture placed in the context of its human users.

Andrew Russell

The exhibition was very colourful and vibrant. A nice mix of different artists.

Sabina Reed

Large prints and Architecture theme. Good mix of black and white versus colour. Interesting to see camera phone images!

A visitor to Forbury Place

Really enjoyed the difference in style and looking at the camera settings, so I can learn.

A visitor to Forbury Place

Architecture Cardiff Unit 2

11th May 2019 - 15th May 2019

Curated exceptionally well – building is very good for display. Some exceptional work. Lighting good! (This lady travelled from Wiltshire to Cardiff, to see this exhibition)

Jenny King

Noticed this from outside – walked in and was really impressed with the quality, especially as it was free to get in.

A visitor to our venue in Cardiff

Excellent range with useful camera setting information/advice. Nice range of images. Good space, lighting and presentation of images.

A visitor to our venue in Cardiff

Love the range of photos. Quotes add an extra element. Love the venue.

Clare Sinclair

Excellent exhibition from different artists, good range of photography across all levels. Really nice to see details of each photograph. Very well laid out, great lighting of space.

Helen King

Enjoyable, reminds me of many of my own shots of buildings.

Andy Davis

Excellent. Really enjoyed it and hopefully got some ideas.

Marie Moray

Excellent – beautiful images of Architecture from around the World. Information about technical use of camera, aperture, speed etc. also added to the image.

Sarah Cann

Architecture Maidenhead Bray House

20th Feb 2019 - 24th Feb 2019

Good layout with a range of styles and photographers.

M Guy

Very much a theme of patterns. Looking at the book at all the entries provides much more variety. All in all very well done. Thank you.

Rose Bradley

Another enlightening and inspiring exhibition

Michael Roberts

Wonderfully presented collection of images. Stimulating!

A visitor to Bray House

Architecture London South Quay Plaza

27th Feb 2019 - 3rd Mar 2019

Really enjoyed the exhibition. Thank you for getting it together.

Michael Young

Beautiful Exhibition venue. Great variety of photos. Good distribution of abstract and whole buildings.

Susan Willoughby

Very inspiring. Encouragement to do more.

Daniel Parker

Very impressive. Some really imaginative stuff on show.

A visitor to South Quay Plaza in London

Enjoyed exhibition and loved the environment

Onnella Walker

Architecture Reading Greenpark

13th Feb 2019 - 17th Feb 2019

We have been to 3 exhibitions and really enjoyed them. Only came by them by a small article in Reading Chronicle. Love the idea! Keep it up! If you are nosey and interested in photography it’s perfect.

Fran M

As a retired Architect, recently returned from working in South East Asia, I appreciated the works shown, particularly the modern architecture.

Where known, the names of the architects could be indicated, although I recognised some of them.

David Harboard

Architecture Feltham Bedfont Lakes

3rd Feb 2019 - 7th Feb 2019

Well done. Enjoyed the exhibition. Lots of tips and info, inspiring.

Magdalena Pathirage

Absolutely mind blowing

Sheila Simon

Very impressive

Joyce Miles

Great photos and advice on how to take the best picture.

Kelly Tallot

Great to have this to visit at work. Quotes and tips are very useful.

Mike Tang

Architecture Woking St Andrews

24th Oct 2018 - 28th Oct 2018

Beautifully laid out, loved the black and white photos. Good selection.

Carol Ming

Architecture Weybridge Benchmark House

7th Nov 2018 - 11th Nov 2018

Amazing initiative, an opportunity to see international photographers in venues that are otherwise empty.

Madeleine Harding

Architecture Milton Keynes Exchange House

29th Sep 2018 - 3rd Oct 2018

Much food for thought. Inspired to try new angles.

A visitor to Exchange House MK

Amazing exhibition.

Lee Miller

Just love it, the pictures were amazing.

Maria Rodriguez

Some very interesting and varied photographs.

A visitor to Exchange House MK

Excellent, very modern, sits well in the MK background.

Carl Hatton

Really enjoyed the presentation of the photographs – nice to be able to stand back & see them so large – suits a large subject.

Steve Knight

Architecture Milton Keynes Victoria House

29th Sep 2018 - 3rd Oct 2018

Very interesting collection, with a diverse mix of photographs. Gave me some inspiration for the future.

David Moyle

Absolutely stunning photography

Suleman Shahid

Amazing and stunning photography. Really enjoyed the exhibition.


Architecture Birmingham Summer Hill Road

14th Jul 2018 - 18th Jul 2018

Wonderfully spaced in Great location. Coverage from Worldwide photography a real bonus, showing differing architectural aspects.

An inspiration for the amateur photographer.

J Chance

Inspirational, larger than I expected. Some wonderful photographs. Food for thought.

J Pakparvar

As always, really inspiring photographs. Give me more ideas for future projects

Paul Wallis

Architecture London Cardinal Place100 Victoria Street

4th Nov 2017 - 8th Nov 2017

Firstly, really enjoyed the space. Fascinating, thoughtful, interesting juxtaposition of modernity and ancient.

Tim Sellers

Great space! Liked the detail on the photos ie. ISO/Aperture. Good work!

A visitor to Cardinal Place London

Great exhibition. Completely debunks the idea that you need a large format camera to blow up into poster size prints – Big Ben on a iPhone is amazing.

Gary Lake

Great images and very well displayed in the space

A visitor to Cardinal Place London

It was a marvelous exhibition and I enjoyed it very much.

A visitor to Cardinal Place London

Very good, excellent location – wanted more photos!

Helena Mulugeta

Great contrast between pieces inside and architecture outside.

A visitor to Cardinal Place London

Excellent architectural photos of many types, in a wonderful space.

Mag McNally

The vibrant colours were amazing, but my favourite was of the musicians busking – that’s life as I see it.

Alexios Gennaris

Really loved the exhibition. Liked the camera info. Very helpful ladies to explain stuff. Would definitely like to see again.

Paul Bodenham

Nice variety of different styles. Eye opener, inspirational cultural shots.

Fifa Hsu

Very nice, easy to follow. really nice space.

Hugo Velazquez

Loved the variety of work. The 2 black and white ones were simply wonderful. So were the very colourful ones.

A visitor to Victoria Street

Architecture Manchester St James House

26th Oct 2017 - 30th Oct 2017

Loved the way the exhibition was displayed and how big the images have been printed. Liked the use of quotes from photographers and how the techniques had been mentioned. Something we need more of!

A visitor to St James House Manchester

Excellent and varied display of amazing architecture images, one of my favourites being the iconic image of Big Ben, captured expertly on an iphone! Friendly and warm welcome by Rodney made for a splendid visit!

Stephen Horrocks

Great use of empty spaces and good print quality.

A visitor to St James House Manchester

Loved the large size canvases particularly those on floor 4. Makes one appreciate the potential of photography to capture intricacies of architecture and design.

Delia Skan

Great to see very large prints in a spacious exhibition. A bonus to have great views of Manchester.

A visitor to Manchester

Always worth seeing. Interesting subject and some very interesting black and white shots especially from Madrid.

Ian Charters

I enjoyed the exhibition very much. The theme was of personal interest and the photos were stunning. Thank you to all involved with creating such a great exhibition.

Sean Brookes

Another fascinating exhibition – keep up the good work! Interesting to see details of camera settings.

A TPA subscriber

Very good exhibition. Love the colours. The Layout of exhibits were lovely.

Merri Bischop

Very vibrant photography and mixture of photos from a number of photographers. Enjoyed the space used within the office. Very enjoyable experience.

Visitor to St James's House Manchester

Architecture London Finsbury

19th Apr 2017 - 23rd Apr 2017

The photographs were amazing, truly art. No matter the camera or the location, they each told an interesting story and the architecture was photographed in a different was each time.

A visitor to Finsbury Tower London

Very interesting space – love the freedom to wander.

A visitor to Finsbury Tower London

Fascinating selection – some amazing photographs – good info boards.

A visitor to Finsbury Tower London

Lovely as always! Nice to see various categories such as Architecture.


Very creative and nicely presented. Very good artists too.

A visitor to Finsbury Tower London

Great pictures. And a fabulous setting and backdrop – thanks.

Peter Hutchison

Architecture Leeds East Parade & St Pauls Street

26th Jan 2017 - 1st Feb 2017

I loved the exhibition. I am coming to sketch one or two photographs.

Christine Cheseldine

Photos were great, varied and interesting.

Caroline Robinson

Have seen numerous exhibitions, all good, but this one is exceptional, very inspiring.

Christine Taylor

Architecture London Brompton Road

25th Feb 2017 - 1st Mar 2017

Good variety of photos, great seeing Architectural photographs presented so well and large scale.

Claire Browne

Very interesting exhibition.

Linda Gould

Very cool pictures. I have definitely gained some inspiration for my project.

A visitor to London

Amazing!!! So good!

A Visitor to Bompton Road

Architecture Birmingham Fountain Court

28th Jan 2017 - 1st Feb 2017

Stunning space and amazing photography. The size of the displays and the space add to the viewing experience. Also like the photography tips scattered around.

Alison Gove-Humphries

I really liked this exhibition, seeing how photographers capture the different images, showing different emotions and feelings.

Shanice Bodkin

Architecture Reading Thames Valley Park 1 & Thames Valley Park 2

18th Feb 2017 - 22nd Feb 2017

Very interesting, given a lot of inspiration.

Linda Pelling

Really nicely lit and well laid out with a good variety.

Helen Jenkins

Excellent choices and varied. Reproduction good even for small cameras. Enjoyed the viewing.

A subscriber from Reading

Great exhibition. My son is doing a lot of photography as part of his Art GCSE, so very good to inspire him. Also a great idea to put it into unused office space.

Charles Randall

Architecture London South Quay Plaza

4th Mar 2017 - 8th Mar 2017

Second visit to one of your exhibitions. Excellent presentation.

Eric Gaffney

Fantastic exhibition. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks.


It shows how different our modes of living are.

George Starck