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Testimonials from Light in the Lens

Light in the Lens Reading Forbury place

8th May 2019 - 12th May 2019

Wonderful and varied selection of photos in a superb exhibition space. Has given us some good ideas and inspiration for our own photography

David North

Some fantastic images

Mike Evans

really exciting, good atmosphere, very interesting

Megan Smith

Very spacious and enjoyable

Crystal Mortimer

Light in the Lens Reading Abbey Gardens

8th May 2019 - 12th May 2019

Lovely exhibition, laid out well.


I went to visit the exhibition as I’m studying A level photography. This visit has been very inspiring and the way of presenting the photographs and allowing/using the light was fascinating.

Jazmin Kirkpatrick

Came with my daughter who is doing A level photography and has done a project on light – so perfect!!  Great setting and great photographs, very inspiring and love the inspirational quotes and helpful tips!!

Donna Kirkpatrick

Extremely inspiring and beautiful selection of images.

Tsuetan Panov

Very interesting perspectives and tips on photography

Susheela Facchetti

It was a lovely open space. Interesting pictures and nice to go on a little adventure to find them.

A visitor to Abbey Gardens in Reading

Very inspiring. The pictures were amazing and has made us want to start taking photographs.

Mike Potter

Very good, also some very large prints from small sensor cameras.

Ian Nash

Loved the quotes about photography. The photographic tips are really good and useful. Update DSLR and mirrorless purchase tips, mirrorless is the future in cameras.

Samuel Costa

Enjoyed the use of light, especially the rear lit photos. A good variety of different subjects. Good clarity considering the size.

Yvonne Evans

Light in the Lens Manchester St James House

20th Mar 2019 - 24th Mar 2019

Good to see a variety of images from a selection of photographers from different backgrounds

T Dean

Excellent as usual

A visitor to St James's Tower Manchester

Interesting, with several unexpected ideas

Geoff Laycock

Nice selection of pictures, I really love the topic of light.

Stefanie Fischer

Great to be able to visit an exhibition of this quality at no cost – some very inspiring shots.

A visitor to St James's Tower in Manchester

Very enjoyable and interesting. Thanks for putting on. Some good tips and quite inspiring.

A visitor to St James's Tower in Manchester

Great exhibition again, although slightly difficult to find due to building work! The children (aged 9 and 10), enjoyed seeing all the different styles of photography, but with a similar theme. We also enjoyed the views from the higher floors!

Nikki Goodhew

Light in the Lens London South Quay Plaza

23rd May 2018 - 27th May 2018

Really good selection of light and contrasts in all the photos. Well displayed – excellent.

A visitor to South Quay Plaza in London

Light in the Lens London Welbeck Street

2nd May 2018 - 6th May 2018

Really enjoyed. Thank you. VERY inspiring – ideas and techniques.

Rosie Small

Some superb, thought provoking images and useful tips.

David Willoughby

Very helpful seeing details about camera settings etc. and having a venue that could give so much space to the photographs. Very encouraging and informative exhibition.

Sue Hanks

Light in the Lens Woking St Andrews

25th Apr 2018 - 29th Apr 2018

Fantastic quality exhibition. Friendly and informative host. Laid out well – lots of information.


We regularly visit TPA exhibitions and always find several ‘wow’ images on display. Most enjoyable.

Ron Acred

Fabulous idea to take over the ever increasing vacant spaces! Beautiful snapshots and so good to see a selection of non-professional and professional. Inspiring.

Yvette Williams

I had my first camera aged 6 (1950) and went on to have a photographic career. Your title, ‘Light in the Lens’ enticed me to visit. Thought provoking exhibition – on reading booklets describing authors background and how they came into photography and take their photographs. Excellent exhibition. DO SEE IT!!

Lesley J Taylor

Light in the Lens Birmingham Summer Hill Road

18th Apr 2018 - 22nd Apr 2018

Amazing selection of photos, great venue, helpful and friendly staff. Inspiring!

Krystal Akershoek

Excellent exhibition, some really inspiring photographs.

Paul Wallis

Well worth a long look at the work. Wide variety and high quality. Interesting venue. Deserves a lot of attendance.

James Roy Stove

Light in the Lens Newcastle Q4

11th Apr 2018 - 15th Apr 2018

Some great photos and love the variety of work. Standout images were the owls and images in Mumbai. Brilliant use of light.

Adam Roseveare

Perhaps the most interesting of the Photographic Angle exhibitions I have seen.

Malcolm Burns

Excellent exhibition, with plenty of variety of subject matter.

Keith Hildreth

Light in the Lens Leeds Sovereign House

3rd Dec 2017 - 10th Dec 2017

Wonderful to see disused space dedicated to art. Great range of photography and useful tips.

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Keep up more photographic exhibitions in Leeds

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Nice variety of different styles and contents.

Charlie Peacock

Lovely exhibition

Phillippa Baron

Very interesting – and huge! Needs two lunchtime visits… I liked the photography hints and tips.

Nicola Lees

Excellent mixture of types – enjoyed the infra-red and Bombay Railway pictures, good landscapes overall.

A Robson

Thank you, enjoyed the images.


Very good display and comments and info about each shot (great stuff). Some amount of stuff, much more than I expected. Thanks!

John Murphy

Stunning collection of photographs, very impressed.

David Wilson

Beautiful artwork – I’m glad I got the chance to come and see it.

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Great content – plenty to see. Excellent quality

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Very impressive work

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Fantastic Exhibition.

C Taylor

Beauty in a lens, sums up my experience.

James Morris

Light in the Lens London

13th Jan 2016 - 17th Jan 2016

A very varied show – something to please everyone! Also good to see pictures from people who don't have lots of expensive cameras. And the view from the building was great too!

Candace Gillies-Wright

Scarily good but inspiring. Very well curated.

Ted Reilly

Light in the Lens Reading

10th Jun 2015 - 14th Jun 2015

Enjoyed it very much.

Christine Lamb

Great to see images in large scale & spaced to give different perspectives – personally I would love to know the back stories to images – (Some provided in the walk round brochure) But I know that's not always what's intended by the artist.

Lesley Lowe

Thought provoking, interesting and educational in parts!

A visitor from a local camera club

Printing quality excellent considering the many simple cameras used to take excellent photos. Good content & many techniques displayed. Large variety of images.

Muan Asperen

Light in the Lens London

17th Jun 2015 - 21st Jun 2015

I love that each photo is given room to breathe – so much space & light – very appropriate! The breadth of subjects is very interesting.

Francesca Allfrey

Well presented. Like the large scale prints. Good curation with variety of genres and international flavour. Great location too.


Light in the Lens Bristol

3rd Jun 2015 - 7th Jun 2015

Really well presented. Great use of otherwise wasted space. Liked the combination of photos, quotes and hints.

Sue Green

An excellent display of different aspects of photography, unusually displayed with a wealth of technical and background information.

Geoff Cole

Light in the Lens Stockport

27th May 2015 - 31st May 2015

The images were laid out in an easy view with plenty of space. Subjects were varied on their approach to light, with a good mix of photographic talent.

M Hesp

Excellent photos great imagery – great choice of location.

Geoff Baker

Light in the Lens Newcastle

20th May 2015 - 24th May 2015

Very good selection of images.

Colin Livingstone

Excellent presentation.

Mike Blythe

Diverse themes & treatment. Great that it's international, some budding real talents. The venue is too far from footfall for them but is exceptionally good space. Wonderful that amateur photographers have this support.

Norma McKellar

Some very inspiring images.

Stan Fraser

Great Exhibition. Subject was well expressed.

Jean McClymont

Light in the Lens London

25th Feb 2015 - 1st Mar 2015

Very mixed subject matter; presentation very good. It was easy to find my way around all floors, but did I miss any of the side offices?


Excellent exhibition with a good range of landscapes, city scenes and photography methods.

Guy Davies

Light in the Lens Uxbridge

4th Mar 2015 - 8th Mar 2015

Very interesting, really makes you want to see the world and travel. Amazing photography.

Leslie Chu

Beautiful photos – the sort I wish I could take! And a beautiful space to show them in. Really liked the manual so we could read about photographers and see other examples of their work.

Clare Corney

Inspirational, educative, not overwhelming. Provides some useful tips through examples. Venue just perfect.

Dick Van Brummen

very interesting & well displayed exhibition. The booklet also helps in understanding about the photographers.

David Jones

Enjoyed the exhibition. Good layout and display of the images. Great venue and space.

Rebecca Collis

Absolutely fantastic!! Very enjoyable. Really good information booklet about photos and photographers. Could they be in alphabetical order?

Lynda Hanlon

Really enjoyed the exhibition – the scale of the display & space to stand back and view. Quality of the reproductions. Then the wonderful images – inspiring.

Carol Lathwell

Another super show. High quality. Keep on doing these exhibitions. Thanks again.

L Wild

Very good photographs, well displayed. A good variety as well.

Sandy Van Brummen

Light in the Lens Peterborough

18th Feb 2015 - 22nd Feb 2015

Enabled you to view each exhibit in good space and light. Helpful info on each image is very useful in understanding the thinking behind the photograph.

Malcolm Rea

Once again a first class selection depicting 'Light in the Lens'.

James Fell

Lovely space, great pictures. Enjoyed the 'Mumbai Train' and infra-red images.

Gary Dean

Very good much enjoyed.

David Hunt

It is amazing to go round and look at all these photos. I would recommend to notify schools about this as a lot of students would like to see this.

Ieuan Williams

Light in the Lens Birmingham

11th Feb 2015 - 15th Feb 2015

Will definitely come to another & spread the word. Love the pictures, quotes & photography tips!

Karl Hirst

Really informative for beginner photographers like myself, good to learn helpful tips that I can use and play around with. excellent range of photos from all over the world. Beautiful selection of mainly unposed work. Helpful note cards with camera settings for beginners.

Robbie Dale

Very well presented, however I expected to see a greater range of prints.

John Dignum

Light in the Lens Leeds

4th Feb 2015 - 8th Feb 2015

Lovely – really enjoyed the combination of imagery, quotes and advice. Was interesting & helpful to read the details behind the photos.

Scott Johnson

Great to see a variety of topics in a broad theme. Mixed quality but all great.


Excellent – inspired me to go and dust off my old camera!

James Wakeling

A great range of images with diverse subject matter. well done to all exhibitors!

David Stirling

Light in the Lens Bracknell

8th Nov 2014 - 12th Nov 2014

Loved Robin Lowry's work. Interesting displays and made a great impact!

Emma Cottage

Good, but not as good as the previous 2 I went to, (Splash of Colour and Streetscapes). Most photos were traditional, I would have expected some to be more ground-breaking or 'edgy'. Nevertheless an enjoyable experience.

Brian Poulton

Loved the photos being so big, made it feel like a gallery. We came as a group (people with dementia, so size meant they were able to make out the detail. Also great to have a number of us around a picture for discussion.


Great exhibition space. Great shame not more publicity. Super range of subjects to help me think about what I want to 'focus on'.

Dr Paul Hendley

Light in the Lens Greater London

1st Nov 2014 - 5th Nov 2014

A very diverse collection of photos unified by the theme of light. Interesting venue with lots of room for uncluttered display.

Sue Anderson

Super venue – really interesting use of space. Well planned and co-ordinated exhibition with some interesting 7 thought provoking photos.

J A Anderson

Made me want to go through my own collection to see what I have!

Daniel Gilson

Great use of space & variety of photos showing a range of fantastic scenes, people and locations.

Michael Handrick

Very good, well displayed, excellent use of all the rooms, especially in Queens House for posters. Must have taken a long while to curate. Well done.

John Baker

Light in the Lens Uxbridge

15th Jun 2014 - 19th Jun 2014

Excellent exhibition – some truly outstanding images (including some of mine – although mine pale in comparison!) Obviously some very talented photographers. A great opportunity to see some inspiring and thought provoking images.

Richard Mills

Light in the Lens Reading

24th May 2014 - 28th May 2014

Fantastic photographs and good technical tips!

Nick Winchester

I'm interested in photography so very pleased to find the exhibition on. Very interested to view the display of photography and the different range of styles.

Suzanne Bradley

Light in the Lens Manchester

11th Apr 2014 - 15th Apr 2014

Really enjoyed it, particularly liked the facts about shutter speed etc. Good use of the space.

Chris Everitt

A fascinating diversity of photographs & techniques. Really enjoyed it!

Stuart Cairns

Excellent, well worthwhile.

Robin Schofield

An excellent exhibition again.

Dudley Pittman

5 Stars. Fab. A great afternoon.

Ian Dickson

Well set out, good pictures from photographers all over the world. Great themes/subjects, well worth my time, I'll come again.

Antonio Tombacco

Well displayed with plenty of room. Varied content. Some excellent photographers, including young photographers at the start of their careers, well worth the visit.

Miss B Dimbleby

Very good display, good cross section of subjects and varying cameras used.

Brian Lomas CPAGB

Excellent varied content and displayed to great effect. very interesting, thank you. See you again soon.

Ron Taylor

Light in the Lens Southend On Sea

26th Apr 2014 - 30th Apr 2014

Stunning shots. I personally need to do a lot of work to compete with these!!

Jan Bennett

Some excellent images which have given some inspiration to try and do better in my own photography.

Michael Taverner

A good eclectic mix of subject matter, not at all pretentious, very well spread and displayed.

Jeff Goodman

Excellent exhibition. Great inspiration. Lovely to see it at Southend. Has given me lots of ideas to develop my work.

Leanne Mapp

A wonderful selection of photos showing many aspects of light in our photos.

Phil Coney

Very interesting and extremely enlightening to learn about taking the photos in sunshine and shade and dark and light.

Helen Maria Smalley Saul

Enjoyed the pictures – very good mix of subject and styles.

Hazel Rayfield

Excellent exhibition, very well presented. The large venue in Southend on Sea – could have used just the ground floor (in my opinion). Information on each of the photographers' exhibit was informative. An inspiration to pick up my camera & get outside to capture images of nature's art.

Malcombe Ashman