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Testimonials from Viewpoint

Viewpoint Reading Forbury Place

6th Nov 2019 - 10th Nov 2019

Some very interesting pictures on display to take inspiration from.

Martin Gough

Excellent exhibition. Lovely that it is free. I enjoyed having the tips on how to take good photos and different genres, and the quotes about photography.

A visitor to Forbury House Reading

Really great, good variety of images that are now making me look at buildings from another VIEWPOINT 🙂

Carrie-Ann Spencer

Always good to see, gives me inspiration

Christine Lamb

Viewpoint Weybridge Benchmark House

30th Oct 2019 - 3rd Nov 2019

Great selection of photos – loved the iPhone ones – they inspired the kids to use their cameras more.

Mary Hale

Gives a totally different view to otherwise ordinary photos. Enjoyed them all.

A visitor to Benchmark House

Well worth a visit. Interesting and varied subjects. Gives us a different perspective to the usual shows.

A visitor to Benchmark House

Viewpoint Feltham Bedfont Lakes

3rd Apr 2019 - 7th Apr 2019

interesting display of work from creative photographers. Thought-provoking indeed! Made me laugh at a few of them.

Jasvinder Sidhu

Good variety of photography genres

J Coppin

Another excellent exhibition – makes me want to improve my photography.

David Park

I always enjoy seeing these images – some clever, some funny, some arresting ….. thank you.

C Alderson

Very good standard of photos

Michael Mead

Great exhibition – plenty of choice.

Ron Acred

Viewpoint Maidenhead Bray House

16th May 2018 - 20th May 2018

Excellent as usual

Alan Wilson

Viewpoint London South Quay Plaza

18th Apr 2018 - 22nd Apr 2018

Good space and location. Well laid out and exhibited. Good screens  etc. for displays. Good variety for theme.

Toral Shah

Great exhibition showing many talented artists and looking through the lens in so many different ways!

Ewa Emme

Very stimulating. Remarkable breadth of visions. One of the best of these exhibitions I have seen.

N MacDonald

Viewpoint Exeter

21st Nov 2015 - 25th Nov 2015

Another excellent exhibition – I really liked the range of images in the collection from landscapes, still life and portrait photography. I've found it quite inspirational and am going off for a shoot now!! Thank you – keep it up!

D Bentley

Really inspiring to see so many different responses and interpretations of the same title.

James Bentley

Amazing photos – amazing range.

S Canham

Amazing use of a now redundant office space. Excellent variety & quality of images, collated in an interesting way!

A Visitor to Exeter

Brilliant for photography ideas.

Chris Sheppard

Love the venue. Superb presentation.

Peter Rodd

An excellent exhibition that exceeded expectations.

Peter Sluman

Viewpoint Maidenhead

14th Nov 2015 - 18th Nov 2015

Very interesting. Amazing quality of pictures.

A visitor from Maidenhead

A wide selection of photographs. But I enjoyed the 'old style' photograph in a modern setting.

Alan Peters

Excellent – loved all photos. Thank you.

Tara Bower

Viewpoint London

7th Nov 2015 - 11th Nov 2015

Excellent use of a vacant space and the pictures enhance the view of the London skyline.

Cavan Kane

Viewpoint Uxbridge

31st Oct 2015 - 4th Nov 2015

Best exhibition, great range of photos, showed different ways of using camera. Was good to see so many black and white pictures.

Pat Jones

Very large, varied and excellent group of photographs by a good selection of photographers of varied backgrounds and experience.

David Jones

Very interesting. Some disturbing photos and also delightful. Will come again in August.

John and Janet Driscoll

Viewpoint Birmingham

24th Oct 2015 - 28th Oct 2015

It's a great exhibition, but it's difficult to find the place.

Ryan Nugroho

Exhibition was awesome, loads of nice photography.


Viewpoint Leeds

11th Jul 2015 - 15th Jul 2015

I loved it! The huge photos had a real impact as you walked in. I also enjoyed the variety of styles plus the quotes & tips on display too. I spent longer here than I expected to. Thank you.

A visitor from Leeds

Love the presentation and the space provided for each image. Every photograph had a real impact. The large canvases work wonderfully well. Very impressed

Bob Hamilton

Excellent exhibition. Very well presented. Loved the work

Pete Douglas

Love the work. Nice to see the space used

Helen Dyson

It would be nice to have a 'voting' as to which photo is felt to be best.

C E Taylor

Reminded me how much I love photographs. I wish Leeds had a dedicated photography gallery but I will still make an effort to visit Bradford every new exhibition. The last two were inspiring.

A visitor from Leeds

Great – good venue, well exhibited.

A visitor from Leeds

Like the large format but would prefer to see more pics in the large space.

Neil Gavin

I love the space and light, shows off the photos well and is very comfortable for the viewer and relaxing. The photos were very inspirational again, a good selection of styles and ideas. I will be back again! i enjoyed it. Thanks.

A subscriber from Leeds

Viewpoint London

9th Sep 2015 - 13th Sep 2015

Lovely exhibition! Setting suited the pictures. Gallery attendant was very helpful and kind.

Nahid Escabar

Great exhibition although some photos were quite basic. Great information.

Sully Al Capone

Viewpoint Southend On Sea

1st Aug 2015 - 5th Aug 2015

Enjoyed looking and observing the different aspects of each picture, and how they were created.

A visitor from a local U3A

I have been to three exhibitions here, and am impressed by the variety and quality of the images.

A visitor from a local U3A

Really interesting to see, and something out of the ordinary. Always take time to look at artists. B & W photos always capture more for me.

Steve Hooker from Aukland NZ

Fantastic street studies and imaginative use of the space. Fabulous!

Mark Taylor

Interesting exhibition with varied content. Good mix of photographic experience.

Keith Fenton

Great exhibition, very inspirational, gallery attendant was very helpful. Good range of photos.

Ursula Cardina

Really enjoyable, showed us more about how people take photographs. As amateur photographers we found it enormously inspiring. The standard of photographs was excellent.

Lesley Harrell

Very interesting and gave thought on how to take a photo.

A visitor from a local U3A

Enjoyed the images – will check out the website.

David Hall

Viewpoint Weybridge

8th Aug 2015 - 12th Aug 2015

really enjoyed the exhibition. First time we had heard/read about TPA.

U & J Bass

Great use of space & wide range of photography styles.

S Patel

Enjoyed the photos, especially the variety.

A visitor from Weybridge

Some very thought provoking and interesting photos.

A subscriber from Weybridge

Photos are incredibly vibrant. If you focus on the small details, that makes the pictures what they are.

Chennell Robertson

Viewpoint Maidenhead

18th Jul 2015 - 22nd Jul 2015

great shots. Not so keen on the 'manipulated' images. will make me look at the angle I approach taking shots from.

Visitor from Maidenhead

I brought two grandsons, both enjoyed exhibition as I did, thought provoking.

Joy Sanderson

Good to see local photography exhibitions.

M Harrison

Viewpoint Ascot

25th Jul 2015 - 29th Jul 2015

Great curatorial idea to mix black and white with coloured frames because students were really intrigued visually.

Visitor who was part of the school trip

Got some good ideas for my GCSE.

Charlotte Sharkey

The exhibition is wonderful. With a range of amazing photos all in one place.

Pincha Vongchant (part of school trip)

It was great to see lots of great pictures. They are very cool and original.

Ivan Voroshilov (part of school visit)

Wonderful and very informative too! Liked the international outlook. Familiar places, new perspectives.

Charlotte Alexander-Marsh

Amazing and very diverse collection. Must go and take photos of anything and everything. No excuses people, even the humble iphone can produce great results.

Caroline Alexander

Viewpoint Manchester

19th Jun 2015 - 23rd Jun 2015

Good to see other photographers' viewpoint. The exhibition was well laid out. I like the hints and tips on the easels.

Mike Hesp

An excellent exhibition encompassing a wide range of subjects, approaches and exploring the varying effects produced from different vantage points. Numerous exceptional images – one of my favourite TPA events!

Stephen Horrocks

Viewpoint Bristol

18th Apr 2015 - 22nd Apr 2015

Really appreciated the diversity of themes & styles of photography. It was nice to have the tips as well.

A visitor from Bristol

I love the concept of using empty spaces for showing art. Some fantastic photography, well worth a visit.

Sylvie Febile

I thought it was beautiful. I don't usually like monkeys but I have learnt through these two photos, to look at them in a different way. Thank you! Makes me want to buy a proper camera.

Jacqui Furneaux

I always enjoy these exhibitions, this one was no exception.

A local subscriber to TPA

Great exhibition; good variety of photos.

Noel Helliwell

Lovely way to spend some time. More info on the photo locations & subjects please!

A visitor

Very good work! A nice selection of different photographers.

Becky Sayer

Viewpoint Guildford

16th May 2015 - 20th May 2015

Excellent mixture of styles and subjects – well done.

Sian Garbett

Big prints – thought provoking. Inspiring quotes, spread out exhibition.


Superb! Lots of interesting shots. Great to see such big prints too.

A visitor who found the exhibition online

Well curated exhibition with helpful and informative guide. Loved Ian Cook's work.

A visitor from a local college

Variety keeps it all interesting and is thought provoking.

A visitor from Guildford

Viewpoint Camberley

2nd May 2015 - 6th May 2015

Fantastic. Great range of photos.

Adonis Stevenson

Some great work, interesting venue too 🙂

One of the exhibitor's friends

Generally good, with some interesting angles & original captures.

Cyril Maple

Viewpoint Coventry

25th Apr 2015 - 29th Apr 2015

Excellent, interesting. Good variety & the technical info was surprisingly useful. Keep up the good work!

Mr Shillington

A well curated exhibition with an interesting & thought provoking range of images all clearly illustrating the theme. Excellent.

Paul Beard

All photographs were interesting. Particularly liked work by Jing Zhou, for the contrast in shapes, texture, light, dark and viewpoint.

An attendee

A truly amazing exhibition with plenty of variation! Excellent photographers!

a member of a local photographic society

Liked the variety of shots, styles and photographers. Good use of space and light for the exhibits.

Bret Allibone