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Testimonials from The Four Elements

4 Elements Manchester St James's Tower

7th Dec 2019 - 11th Dec 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of beautiful photographs. Enjoyed reading about the artists.

Deborah Vander Wall

Fabulous. Loved the additional info about the pictures. As someone who has just taken up photography – it gave me some guidance for my own practice. The handy hints from the Curator very welcome too. Magnificent photos from a range of cameras.

Claire Mullane

4 Elements Bristol Tower House

14th Dec 2019 - 18th Dec 2019

The setting for the exhibition was an interesting choice, but I loved it!

A visitor to Tower House Bristol

The amount of images and the diversity of photographers was great and can clearly be seen through the different elements.

Zoe Tsang

4 Elements Maidenhead Bray House

23rd Nov 2019 - 27th Nov 2019

Very interesting shots and good information

Claire Tansley

4 Elements Reading Greenpark

16th Nov 2019 - 20th Nov 2019

Great collection of themed images

John Rae

The photography today of earth, wind, fire and water is excellent – made me feel good. I enjoy all types of imagery and they all speak volumes.

A visitor to Green Park Reading

Good variety of photographs. Interesting quotes around. Artistic, looking at images in a new way.

Aimee Nash

A thoroughly enjoyable visit. Back tomorrow.

Dave Sharma

Great clarity of images, easy to browse, accessible car parking

A visitor to Green Park

4 Elements Cardiff Unit 2

9th Nov 2019 - 13th Nov 2019

A diverse range of interpretations of the theme. Enjoyed the black and white and colour photos. Loved the space and size of photos.

Linda Roberts

Excellent, an inspiration to budding photographers like myself.

Steve Lush

Great photography – will inspire me to go out and take more pictures

Will Millard

4 Elements – well curated in the space – some outstanding technical images – a great variety of viewing the 4 elements

J King

4 Elements Weybridge Benchmark House

31st Jul 2019 - 4th Aug 2019

Nice to have the camera settings – creates conversations about the intent of the photographer.

A visitor to Benchmark House

Loved the penguin shot – lots of varied subjects

Natascha Whitehead

Megan is taking A level photography, so the tips were very useful

H & M Russell

4 Elements London CP House

27th Apr 2019 - 1st May 2019

Another of your exhibitions I’ve enjoyed. They’re getting addictive!

Michael Young

4 Elements Milton Keynes Victoria House

6th Apr 2019 - 10th Apr 2019

Some great images – especially liked the black and white photos.

A visitor to Victoria House

Was a good exhibition. Nice mixture of styles of work.

A visitor to Victoria House

4 Elements Milton Keynes Exchange House

6th Apr 2019 - 10th Apr 2019

Brilliant photos. Helpful assistant

Richard James

I found it very inspirational. Just retired and took up photography as a hobby/pastime. I found the advice plaques very helpful.

Jack Myers

The Four Elements Grays

17th Feb 2016 - 21st Feb 2016

Enjoying the exhibition. Can I suggest adding what country photo was taken. Liked the way the photos were displayed.

Sylvia Smith

Lovely exhibition. Would love to have known where the pictures were taken, and might have missed some pictures, the way photos were set out, but a very nice selection of photos. Great black and white photos.

Jacqueline Magner

Excellent photographs, especially the black and white. Space could have been tidier and layout could be better. A good variety of subjects and techniques used.

Mick Hahn

Great variety. Would like to know location of photo. Love seeing the different ways people interpret the subject.

Visitor from local Camera Club

The Four Elements Bracknell

3rd Feb 2016 - 7th Feb 2016

I thought the building it's in, is very good – lots of space. The images are displayed in a varied & interesting manner. The curator is extremely knowledgable & on hand to answer any questions which I thought was brilliant. Our photography class had an amazing time – thanks very much for the opportunity!

Angela Ramage

Spent 2 hours at the exhibition seeing some great pictures. Adrian was very helpful 7 informative. Very glad we visited. Thank you very much.

Stephanie Barnett

Very airy setting with plenty of space so had plenty of room to move around. Good selection of images. Useful details of camera settings.

John Foster

Well presented exhibition. Great shots, full of colour.

June Hanson

Very interesting and enjoyable. A great variety of images & interpretations of the theme. Wonderful opportunity to see other photographers' work. Thank you.

Laura Griffin

The Four Elements London

27th Jan 2016 - 31st Jan 2016

Given that it is an unused office, the space was very pleasant. Information was good, easy to read and the photos were great.
Maybe have ambient music playing to drown out the traffic noise.

David Siciliano

This is an excellent exhibition with stunning photographs, well worth the visit.

John Dudley

The 4 Elements described the exhibition perfectly. Kudos

Daniel Barrett

Beautiful exhibition. I will try to submit some of my own work in the future.

Barbara Hait

The Four Elements Camberley

20th Jan 2016 - 24th Jan 2016

Very interesting and thought provoking. Help/tuition boards very helpful.

A visitor from Basingstoke Camera Club

Some great shots and technical advice for future reference.

Alan Howell

Gave me good ideas.

A visitor to Camberley

Really good variety of shots.

Paul Chapman

The Four Elements Coventry

13th Jan 2016 - 17th Jan 2016

Good, varied exhibition. Enjoyed the experience. Someone else's memories transported for all to see.

Richard Holmes

A lovely exhibition. We welcomed the inclusion of extra information about the inspiration for the images themselves, although would love to see individual explanations.

Paula Wilson

Great range of images, great venue – unfortunately not near city centre.

Helen McCann-O'leary

A good exhibition as always. I find it slightly distracting to search for the theme in a couple of shots that don't fit. However, this is a small thing and all the photos are worth viewing.

A visitor from Coventry

I like the photographs chosen as many of them communicate a mood like sadness/happiness through the elements. Nice exhibition.

A visitor from Coventry

Wonderful to see the prints printed really big.

Sac Shillington

Good display, and comments – photographs showed the title of the exhibition well.

Yvonne Shillington

I absolutely love the images that have a lot of feeling to them, like the one called 'homeless', it must be my favourite.

A visitor from Coventry

Another fascinating exhibition. Good to see more camera details, settings etc. for images. It would be interesting to include detail of where images were taken.

Paul Beard

The Four Elements Peterborough

6th Jan 2016 - 10th Jan 2016

Excellent display spread over 3 floors. Ideal venue.

David King

One of the best exhibitions I've been to, and in such a spectacular building.

Rachel Eden

The Four Elements Reading

9th Sep 2015 - 13th Sep 2015

Interesting pictures and educational topic.

Anoop Singh

Very good. Could be more information on location of shots. Could be better advertised.

Brenda Hooper

Wonderful Pictures, interesting to see how many were taken on amateur cameras. Democratizing!

Andrew Russell

The Four Elements Weybridge

16th Sep 2015 - 20th Sep 2015

I found the exhibition very enjoyable, I liked the photography quotes. Very creative and captures the scene of 4 elements theme perfectly.

Danielle Esprit

Great photographs, enjoyed.

Dr David Copp

A good selection of photographs, enjoyed the chance to view.

Ross Inwood

Great as usual!

John Probert

The Four Elements Newcastle

26th Aug 2015 - 30th Aug 2015

Enjoyed the exhibition. Some of the images have given me ideas on new things to try and photograph.

Glyn Trueman

Excellent. Loved the quotes as well as the variety of the images, also appreciated the technical details.

A local subscriber to TPA

Interesting and varied take on the theme.

A local subscriber to TPA

The Four Elements Bristol

28th Jul 2015 - 2nd Aug 2015

Excellent photographs

Stephen Bridgen

The Four Elements Bristol

3rd Sep 2014 - 7th Sep 2014

Great to see images so large and in a very good location.

D Webber

Interesting mix of photo styles. Good layout.

Glenn Johnson

The Four Elements Southend On Sea

2nd Aug 2014 - 6th Aug 2014

The location of the landscape shots would be good. Otherwise, great, lovely shots and well displayed

Sarah Miles

Again, a varied exhibition of images with a personal interpretation on the theme. Personally I would have liked to have seen more within 'fire' theme. There did appear to be a dominance of 'blurred' water, also several submissions by one or two photographers. Overall, an excellent exhibition

Malcombe Ashman

Excellent – well presented. Very thought provoking!

Tracey Hallinan

The Four Elements Weybridge

9th Aug 2014 - 13th Aug 2014

I particularly like to read the camera settings to help me improve my SLR photography. More detail of the locations of the photos would add interest

Ian Hopkins

The Four Elements Manchester

12th Jul 2014 - 16th Jul 2014

Another excellent exhibition

Dudley Pittman

Wonderful collection of images – interestingly displayed – in a very large gallery space – which many of the images needed to 'breathe'. i was the only visitor at the time!

Martin Malies

Fascinating & varied collection. Appreciate the nuts and bolts of detail.

J Burke

The Four Elements Peterborough

28th May 2014 - 1st Jun 2014

I love the idea of different photographers, young and old coming together with the theme of the 4 elements. There was great technique as well as emotional photographs.

Mrs Watling

The exhibition had a very coherent theme. The quality of the images was very high – many were thought provoking. The exhibition was beautifully set up.

Ken Bunch

Most enjoyable. Excellent, restful venue with large exhibits in a giant location. Warm welcome given – take time out from your busy world to be transported into relaxed contemplation.

Pat Seago

A fine and varied set of images well presented in an interesting building. Really appreciate the free access to this exciting work.

Kate Dyer

Excellent selection & beautifully exhibited in a fine space.

David Roxburgh

Excellent selection of images. Interesting to see work of international photographers.

Reg Metcalfe

Very well presented exhibition at a great location

Ivan Barrett

I liked the space it was in and was impressed by the exhibition as a whole.

Stan Mace

The Four Elements Birmingham

21st May 2014 - 25th May 2014

Inspiring / thought provoking. Get me back into photography again!

Anna Colledge

The Four Elements London

25th Jun 2014 - 29th Jun 2014

Very high standard with good details.

A M Donovan

Great to see photographs in unusual imperfect settings, lovely contrast.


The Four Elements Exeter

5th Mar 2014 - 9th Mar 2014

Loved it!

Barbara Freeman

Excellent, amazing collection of images.

Heath McDonald

I really enjoyed the opportunity to see these photographs on such a large scale, with the space to be able to stand back and have room to appreciate them individually and in conjunction with each other.

Jon Stubbington

Marvellous. Great use of space. Nice to see large prints. Airy and spacious, encouraged long look!

Dave Perkin

really liked it – liked the different series of photographs and the theme generally. MASSIVE exhibition – nice surprise that it was so big.


The Four Elements Solihull

2nd May 2014 - 6th May 2014

Very good display of large photographs with plenty of space to view and see from a distance or close up. I enjoyed the seascapes best.

Colin Close

The Four Elements London

22nd Feb 2014 - 27th Feb 2014

Was really good experience. Enjoyed looking at the excellent shots. I found it useful to have the camera settings on display and the quotes were very inspirational as a beginner


It was really good! I enjoyed it! Lovely photographs


Excellent exhibition and use of space

Rabina Choudhry

The Four Elements Maidenhead

26th Feb 2014 - 2nd Mar 2014

Some superb photographs, well displayed.

S Arnold

This was excellent. Spent 2 hours and lost track of time! Wonderful choice of images and awesome to see them presented on such a large scale.

Mary Ellis

Very dramatic with large pictures.
Good range of subjects to fit the theme.

R J Rimmer

Some excellent shots, made me want to travel again.

Sam Kerridge

Good pictures – nice to see 'prints' the size of projected digital images – not seen this kind of presentation before.
Also good to see the use of quite modest cameras eg. Canon G12 and 400D

David Birch, LRPS

The Four Elements Fareham

22nd Jan 2014 - 26th Jan 2014

Interesting – good diverse exhibition


Great exhibition, some wonderful photos. Would be good to have some information about the photos/location/scale

Melanie Hinrichs

Very good idea. We need more like this.

David Gorman