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Testimonials from Creativity

Creativity Reading Abbey Gardens

7th Nov 2018 - 11th Nov 2018

Beautiful exhibition! I found the photography tips very useful and enjoyed all aspects of the gallery.

A visitor to Abbey Gardens Reading

Creativity Manchester St James House

31st Oct 2018 - 4th Nov 2018

Brilliant setting for an exhibition. Such a range of themes in the photos. The space allowed for the pieces/exhibition to not seem too crowded – allowed time to reflect on each piece.


We enjoyed the anecdotes alongside the pictures and the details of which camera used.

Daniel Williams

I’m an exhibitor. Enjoyed seeing my work. I felt that as usual, the work was beautifully displayed and not cluttered.

One of our photographers

A great variety of pieces, there was a lot to look at, each floor had a different ambiance and on the whole it was a great experience. I loved the scale to which the images were blown up, it really made me appreciate the detail in each piece.

Oli Koren

i really enjoyed the exhibition – there was a good range of images and I liked reading the quotes by various people on the boards.

Shanae Dyer

Loved it. Liked the layout. Fascinating photography.

Milosz Fornalski

Creativity Hayes Status Park

10th Feb 2017 - 14th Feb 2017

I love the wide range of photos and how some are so simplistic, and some are very complex. Also I love that the pictures are displayed very big so you can see it very clearly.

Reesha Bhatoy

Creativity Ascot Kingswood

25th Jan 2017 - 29th Jan 2017

Interesting and thought-provoking selection of images. The venue place and its surroundings adds to the whole experience!

Kitti Jankovics

Very interesting exhibits. The tips on photography by Adrian Stone are also very helpful

Alex Hills

Fabulous thought-provoking exhibition

A visitor to Ascot

Interesting with the use of photo development after the event ie Photoshop. Not my interest but good to compare what can be achieved.

A visitor to Ascot

Creativity Leeds East Parade and St Pauls

4th Jan 2017 - 8th Jan 2017

Really enjoyed it! Especially the ‘universe/balloon’ photos 🙂 !

Gemma Hardiker

Fascinating mix of styles and images. Would like to have known what editing packages were used (eg. Lightroom)

Beth Goldsmith

Really enjoyed it. Great ideas, liked the quotes too.

Simon Goldsmith

Really enjoyed. Great exhibition on things I would otherwise have missed.

James Chapman

Really interesting exhibition with a range of different styles. Love that the exhibit is free and open to all.

Katie Thompson

Creativity Chelmsford Saxon House

24th May 2017 - 28th May 2017

Interesting to see photos of things I’ve noticed but would not have considered photographing.

Jas Millham

The concept of using empty office space is a great idea. The large canvas photos used for exhibiting and moving from venue to venue is excellent. Good spacing of the photos, great range of images, excellent large scale.

Stephanie Dixon

Excellent – loved the idea of using abandoned office space. Variety very good. High standard.

John McMahon

Excellent. Very inspiring.

Christopher White

Good range of styles and creative ideas. Like the size of the image. Inspiring.

Daniel Goody

Yes, nice to see different aspects of photography.

Christine Buckberry

A good variation of photographic styles, and easy to walk around. Perhaps a bit more info on the photos.

A visitor from Dagenham Camera Club

Creativity London Welbeck

17th May 2017 - 21st May 2017

Some outstanding photographs – a joy to observe especially the abstracts.

A visitor to Welbeck Street

Wide variety of subject matter from lyrical to digital, visiting geography and natural environment. Very stimulating and inspirational.

A visitor to Welbeck Street

Great exhibition, great venue/location. Interesting selection of photos – architectural abstracts, lighting experiments, macros, landscapes. Excellent exhibition 🙂

Richard Mills

The exhibition was fantastic! The concept and creativity showcased was by far the best thing yet. I’ll definitely be recommending to my friends and family. The idea of having big space over 6 floors allows me to appreciate each floor. I loved it!!

Lola Awoderv

Some vibrant and interesting work. Excellent use of space. Would be good to see the location of each photo.

Ali McCarley

The exhibition is an invitation to the art of seeing, encouraging everyone to ‘KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN’


An evocative space showing resonant images that are beautiful. i like the use of quotes and the tips and advice on what makes effective photography.

Olivia Lowe

Creativity Coventry Parkside

4th Jan 2017 - 8th Jan 2017

I loved the exhibition. The images picked were very good and I enjoyed looking around. Some have inspired me for my own work at college.

A visitor from City College Coventry

I found the exhibition very interesting with a wide range of images. I’d definitely come back.

Hollie Newcombe

Nice layout, beautiful images. Really loved the wide variety of photographs.

A visitor from Coventry City College

It was very exciting, there wasn’t a point I was unentertained.

Shannon Tipple

Layout was really nice giving good space between each image to appreciate one at a time. Included a wide range of images with no limit to apparatus used, which was great.

Harriet Lewis

I really enjoyed it, and it opened my eyes to the many different forms of creative photography.

Jasmine Baguley

Excellent choice of the venue – love the space and natural light. Outstanding work shown.

Iva Dyke

Very interesting exhibition with a wide range of photographic styles and mediums

Laurence Thorn

The gallery was well spaced out with a wide variety of work in the rooms

A visitor from City College Coventry

Really enjoyed the variety of images at this exhibition

A visitor from Coventry City College

I like the photos, they show real creative flair.

A visitor from Coventry City College

Creativity Portsmouth Parkside Bus Park

10th Dec 2016 - 14th Dec 2016

Lovely portraits and city-scapes. Really enjoyed it.

A visitor from Portsmouth

Amazing pictures, lovely venue! Photographs displayed brilliantly. What a picturesque view!

Lily Barrett

Creativity London

26th Nov 2016 - 30th Nov 2016

Nice range of simple to complex photos, some do make you think.

Elle Mower

Fascinating variety.

C L Pratt

Interesting to see the difference in photos under the same theme. Particularly liked ‘balanced breakfast’.

Jerry Wright and Teresa Harrison

Lovely range of photos, interesting perspectives and stories. Would have liked to have seen Alex Isaacs’ work.

Ellie and Sam Isaacs

The photographs left a deep impression.

Carole and George Starck

Creativity Reading

19th Nov 2016 - 23rd Nov 2016

Powerful collection of interesting images. Lots of inspiration. Well worth a visit.

A Visitor to Reading

Enjoyed how the photos are displayed on canvases.

Helen Jenkins

Nice variety of shots. Lie canvas way of presenting.

Richard Tredgett

My first exhibition! Very well put together. Some really thought-provoking pictures.

Claire Hodd

I really enjoyed the exhibition. I am studying photography to it was interesting to analyse some of the pictures.

Sabina Reed

Excellent exhibition. Lots of interesting photographs. Lots of variety and a great opportunity to discuss composition of the pictures, and creativity.

A Visitor to Reading

Excellent exhibition, lots of interesting photographs. Lots of variety and a great opportunity to discuss composition of the pictures, and creativity.

A visitor to Reading

Creativity Swindon

5th Nov 2016 - 9th Nov 2016

I loved the black and white pictures. The colour spectrum was very interesting and unique.

Ella McCarthy

Fascinating – good space for an exhibition and nice to see so many images printed BIG! Very varied.

A J Devine

It was fantastic. The images were mind-blowing, there’s a story behind the pictures.

Victoria Mascarennas

The idea is fantastic. The images explain more than a story.

Scanny Barreto

As expected, lots of different post-processing and photography techniques.

Maria Ogbourne

Loved the exhibition. Would like to see more in Swindon!

Laura Rodden

Great, enjoyed it a lot.

Terry Chard

Superb presentation, good use of an empty building. Not as ‘creative’ as I thought it should be as it recorded what was seen, and only some had photographer’s input. Particularly liked Ruth Bourne’s work.

Terry Walters

Very good, needs more support.

Michael Buy

Great exhibition. Well curated and a great space.

John Timbrell

Really good opportunity to see less well known artists. Inspiring, food for thought for own photography projects.

Rachel Reuby

Creativity London Bow Churchyard

10th May 2017 - 14th May 2017

Very beautiful photos – fantastic venue

J Smith

Very interesting and thought provoking exhibition

R Knight

Really interesting photos – great location.

A visitor to Bow Churchyard

Great idea. Good variety and space. Like having the technical capture details.

Ben Smith

Very nice exhibition. Beautifully and thoughtfully curated. I like the presentation of the work and use of the spaces with quotes. Interesting gallery space.

N Astara

Creativity Newcastle Q4

26th Apr 2017 - 30th Apr 2017

Loved this ‘creative’ exhibition. Some interesting and varied ideas, given me hope! Keep on clicking!

A visitor to Q4 in Newcastle

A mixture of ideas and approaches. A few ideas to take away.

Mike Brown

Enjoyable exhibition which has stimulated ideas for my own images.

Glyn Trueman

Excellent – really enjoyed it.

Chris Trew

Creativity Exeter

24th Aug 2016 - 28th Aug 2016

Fab. Very thoughtful and provocative. Encourages you to get out and try it.

Nicholas Wood

Perfect setting. Stunning work. A real pleasure and surprise.

Anonymous from Exeter

Not something that we would normally go to, but well worth a visit. Enjoyed the different styles and creative ideas. Youngest daughter certainly went away with ideas for her art at school.

A family from Exeter

Exceptional photos and amazing variety. We have enjoyed looking around.

A visitor from Exeter

This is by far the best. Keep going and provide more enlightenment.

George Burrows

Engaging and Interesting. Some stunning photographs. A shame that no greater information was provided regarding techniques, filters used and digital processes etc.

Paul Layton

One of the best we have seen at this venue.

A member of Sidmouth & Exeter Camera Club

Very interesting, in a lovely building. Thought-provoking, but more information on the creative process would have been appreciated by this amateur!!

A visitor from Exeter

Creativity Bracknell

17th Aug 2016 - 21st Aug 2016

Brilliant. Photos were displayed very well! (I loved the egg and fork one!)

Anonymous from Bracknell

Great exhibition – full of colour and variety.

A visitor from Bracknell

It was really good. The photos were a perfect size for viewing (they were also brilliant photos!).

A visitor from Bracknell

Good selection of photos, nicely displayed, very interesting.

Elaine Hayes

Creativity Uxbridge

27th Jul 2016 - 31st Jul 2016

Well displayed and fairly well lit. The juxtaposition of the different creative threads are thought-provoking – is it art or technology?

Wife of an Exhibitor

Once again a varied selection of very interesting photographs, excellent ideas for my own photographs.

David Jones

I work in the area as an artist (hobby), I found all these images stunning. Lovely exhibition – very quiet.

Vitali Zinchevic

Great exhibition – great selection of pictures. Really enjoyed looking around exhibition. I try to let other people know about them.

Pat Jones

Beautifully laid out with other great creators. Definitely worth having a look, for a dose of Creativity.

Pahela Aminou - Exhibitior

Creativity Leeds

20th Jul 2016 - 24th Jul 2016

Very enjoyable exhibition. Some of the work challenged the viewer and viewpoint. Will be looking at other work by some of the artists after this event. Thank you!

Jane Gibson

Enjoyed visuals – good talking points, all interesting works.

A passer by

Enjoyed this – would love to see more!

Penny Dukes

Fabulous, light airy space. Beautifully presented. Good quality and very large prints. Very impressive.