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Testimonials from Performance

Performance Manchester St James House

23rd Jan 2019 - 27th Jan 2019

Brilliant as usual, standards very high.

Hilary Parry

Very interesting to see different interpretations of Performance. Liked the large scale canvasses – helped to ‘get in to’ the photos.

Sue Linford

Another excellent exhibition, encapsulating varied aspects of Performance – subjects in the limelight if only for a short period. Particularly enthralled by the phenomenally vibrant portraits of Clee Villasor with their splendid smiles!

Stephen Horrocks

Very interesting subject

Kenneth Johnson

Performance Maidenhead Bray House

12th Aug 2017 - 16th Aug 2017

Some beautiful shots – great to have the camera settings shown. Particularly liked the Horton action shots and the Phillipines work – intense colours – superb.

Kim Clark

Performance Reading Thames Valley Park 1 & Thames Valley Park 2

26th Aug 2017 - 30th Aug 2017

Enjoyable variety of subjects. Great use of empty offices.

Alan James

Another excellent exhibition! Thank you.


Easier to appreciate exhibition if pictures are in open space rather than individual rooms. Fascinating and inspiring. More please!

Visitor to TVP 1 and 2

Performance London South Quay Plaza

19th Aug 2017 - 23rd Aug 2017

Second floor was very engaging. Great space, bright and vast. More details about pics would be great ie. location, date etc.

Visitor to South Quay Plaza

Performance Hayes

4th May 2016 - 8th May 2016

The series, 'Lost Childhood' is very powerful – a stand-alone exhibition in a venue with connections to children's projects and charities could draw a lot of visitors.
The most moving picture is 'Vows', conjuring up several stories.

Catherine Alderson

We thought it was amazing and inspirational. It showed a lot of character.


Loved the action shots – very good exhibition.

P Jones

As usual – a very good exhibition. Some I like, others not so much but I like to see all.

David Jones

Performance London

13th Apr 2016 - 20th Apr 2016

So unusual – a very good exhibition. Great to see such large images. A great exhibition – loved the variance in the work.

Eric Gaffney

Beautiful Performance photos

A visitor from London

REALLY interesting to explore an empty building and the photos were good too!

James Miller

Performance Leeds

30th Mar 2016 - 3rd Apr 2016

Mixed views. Some do not appear relevant to the subject and sharpness could be improved. I also attend and always enjoy. I also like the information given as to the ISO, speed etc.

C Taylor

Very interesting interpretation of subjects; particularly liked photographs of Hannah Presdee.

A visitor from Leeds

Performance London

13th Dec 2014 - 17th Dec 2014

Another excellent exhibition by photographers who know how to 'capture' people (and also fast moving objects and scenes).

D Park

Good to see pictures exhibited in large format. Interesting spread of subject matter. Informative captioning.

D Richards

Performance Reading

6th Dec 2014 - 10th Dec 2014

It's great to see empty spaces filled. the photos are very nice, I especially enjoyed Hannah Presdee close hand shots.

Jen Loveday

Performance Stockport

29th Nov 2014 - 3rd Dec 2014

A very interesting exhibition showing a variety of styles and approaches.

S Brannen

I really enjoyed the exhibition – the way it was set out & different styles of photography. I've learned a lot of techniques and got ideas for my own photography.

Liz Waterhouse

Performance Newcastle

22nd Nov 2014 - 26th Nov 2014

A wide range of subject matter, in particular I liked the portraiture.

David Stout

Performance Exeter

27th Aug 2014 - 31st Aug 2014

It was a great exhibition – nicely laid out. Some of the photos were fantastic – vibrant colours. Came with my daughter who is about to begin a foundation photography degree, I'm glad I came with her.

Wendy Anez

The best exhibition of photography I have seen in my 87 years.

Greville Moore

I really liked the use of the space and the quality and diversity of photographers.

Mariko North

Quality of pictures superb, many of the pictures stunning and inspirational. Excellent information boards on techniques

Christopher Stirling

I viewed the exhibition with my grandson who is about to go to Art College. Like me, he found it enlightening. He's now aware of the standard needed to make an impression

Eric Spicer

Plenty of space to set all the images out. Light is good. The theme is excellent giving a wide variety of subjects

Deirdre Jennings

Excellent range of images. The 'lost childhood' series was superb

Tony Spooner

Some excellent images. Well presented. Enjoyed the work of Clee A Villasor – colours were vibrant & you felt you were at the event.

Mo Martin

Performance Maidenhead

6th Aug 2014 - 10th Aug 2014

An interesting exhibition. Definitely worth visiting and will recommend it to friends. Would be nice to know place where photos been taken. Will visit other exhibitions for sure. Thank you for organising important to get people interested in art.

Anna Lukash

Performance Fareham

30th Jul 2014 - 3rd Aug 2014

Nicely laid out – stunning exhibits. Loved it, great large prints & dynamic shots!

Wendy & Greg Rowe

Performance Peterborough

19th Feb 2014 - 23rd Feb 2014

Great location. Great photos

Tom Edwards

Performance Leeds

5th Feb 2014 - 9th Feb 2014

Pleasant photography. Tips and information regarding settings useful and expanded my knowledge

Richard Dewhurst

Thoroughly enjoyed – good that info regarding ISO, focal length etc. is shown. It would have been nice to have a leaflet informing more about the participants and where and when photos were taken.

Christine Taylor

Interesting theme. Good mix of professional and amateur images. Amateur images will encourage others to have a go. Good info and advice panels.

David Goodman

Performance Manchester

22nd Jan 2014 - 26th Jan 2014

I've just been round your 'Performance' exhibition at First Street Manchester and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. The large canvas sizes and the amount of space available made it very easy to stroll around and take in all the images, stopping to look at the more fascinating ones in greater detail. I've seen from your site that you have another exhibition planned for April/May at the same venue and i will definitely be making time to visit. Will try to spread the word about this as well so that more people can come and enjoy. Thanks.

Chris Hazell

Performance Ascot

8th Nov 2013 - 12th Nov 2013

An interesting mix of sports & music. I found the photos of festivals & people of the Philippines particularly poignant due to the horrific events happening at present, but as in the photos their beauty and spirit will return

Ali Lloyd

Performance Greater London

3rd Aug 2013 - 7th Aug 2013

Really enjoyed it, variety of photos and styles. Plus enjoyed the slightly creepy feel of abandoned offices and the views

Sue Anderson

Performance Crawley

20th Jul 2013 - 24th Jul 2013

Well spaced, well thought out and very colourful

Kerry Bartup

Performance Greenford

13th Jul 2013 - 17th Jul 2013

Very good choice of photos, very well displayed


It was worth the trip. Would come again

Tom Kelly

Thoroughly enjoyable

Paul Edwards