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A Lapse In Time

Time lapse is something that is often associated with the moving picture, a video of a beautiful flower slowly opening, of the Milky Way moving round in the heavens and the sun rising over a landscape of patchwork fields.
So how does it work with the still image?
When producing a video of time lapse … Read More

Selective Colour

This competition will appeal to all who love to dabble in a bit of post-production processing! We’ve asked for ‘monochrome’ and ‘colourful’, so this time we have opted for a little bit of both.
Selective colour photography is the process of photo manipulation in which you convert a photo to black and white whilst leaving … Read More

The Golden Hours

In photography, the golden hours are the periods of daytime around dawn and dusk, when daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. The term ‘hour’ is used figuratively as the effect has no defined duration and will vary according to season and latitude.

The effect provides a ‘magic touch’ … Read More

Seascape Moods

The sea can speak to us, draw us in, heal, and if taken lightly, can harm. There is no denying this is a dynamic, uncontrollable and changeable force. It can shift forms, colours, shapes and moods, all depending on the weather, season, and time of day. When capturing these scenes, you are open to every … Read More

The World at your Feet

The World at your Feet Can you remember the times in your life when you have felt as though you had the world at your feet? Maybe you were graduating, going travelling, getting married or starting a… Read More

Community Spirit

According to Amitai Etzioni, an Israeli-American sociologist, best known for his work on socioeconomics and communitarianism, community spirit is a unity of people in society who uphold and share similar values and resources.
Community cohesion is created when individuals are willing to sacrifice their own interests and engage in activities that benefit the community.
Community … Read More

The Great Outdoors

It has been shown time and time again that spending time outdoors is good for our health. Scientists have proven that nature not only encourages physical exercise and increases social interaction, but can even provide stress relief and help soothe mental illness.
As humans we are hard wired to enjoy being outside and it is … Read More

Urban Vista

Urban Vista A city is a living, breathing, pulsating organism. A vast concrete jungle that sprawls across the land acting as a playground for towering metallic and glass buildings. The skyline is often punctuated with construction… Read More


In temperate and subpolar regions, four calendar-based seasons are generally recognized: spring, summer, autumn (or fall), and winter. These four seasons are marked by changes in weather, ecology and variations in the amount of daylight that we experience. They vary significantly in characteristics and each season has a very distinctive mood.

Spring is when the snow … Read More