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Community Spirit

According to Amitai Etzioni, an Israeli-American sociologist, best known for his work on socioeconomics and communitarianism, community spirit is a unity of people in society who uphold and share similar values and resources.
Community cohesion is created when individuals are willing to sacrifice their own interests and engage in activities that benefit the community.
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The Great Outdoors

It has been shown time and time again that spending time outdoors is good for our health. Scientists have proven that nature not only encourages physical exercise and increases social interaction, but can even provide stress relief and help soothe mental illness.
As humans we are hard wired to enjoy being outside and it is … Read More

Urban Vista

Urban Vista A city is a living, breathing, pulsating organism. A vast concrete jungle that sprawls across the land acting as a playground for towering metallic and glass buildings. The skyline is often punctuated with construction… Read More


Portraiture is one of the most common forms of photography. The art of capturing a person or a group of people has been around long before photography was even invented. But with the advent of the camera, portrait photography became a much simpler and quicker way to create images in which people are the main … Read More


In temperate and subpolar regions, four calendar-based seasons are generally recognized: spring, summer, autumn (or fall), and winter. These four seasons are marked by changes in weather, ecology and variations in the amount of daylight that we experience. They vary significantly in characteristics and each season has a very distinctive mood.

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Exposure can mean many things depending on which interpretation you decide to take as your inspiration. One thing that it could mean is ‘the state of having no protection from something harmful.’ Thinking about exposure from this angle may inspire you seek out images that show people at the mercy of extreme weather conditions, or … Read More

Life On The Streets

“The photographer is an armed version of the solitary walker reconnoitering, stalking, cruising the urban inferno, the voyeuristic stroller who discovers the city as a landscape of voluptuous extremes. Adept of the joys of watching, connoisseur of empathy, the flâneur finds the world “picturesque”. – Susan Sontag, 1977

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Pocket Photography

When Instagram first came onto the photography scene back in 2010 it was quickly hailed as the new Polaroid. Certainly, the dominant square format of Instagram, the filters that the app uses and the act of sharing are all reminiscent of what Polaroid was best known for.

Polaroid was used to document ephemeral moments in everyday … Read More


American photographer Minor White is quoted as having said “Photographs can be outward expressions of inward states. They’re not about what something is, but rather what else something is”.
Expression can be defined as the act of making one’s thoughts or feelings known. This can be through any verbal and non-verbal behaviour that communicates the … Read More


“Though folklore connects people to their past, it is a central part of life in the present, and is at the heart of all cultures”
American Folklore Society

The term ‘folklore’ is a very complex concept and it is not easy to find a single, undisputed definition. In broad terms, folklore can be described as the … Read More