Inspiring Images

FOOTPRINTS Competition- Serenity theme!!

13th Mar 2012

Owing to the large amount of entrants to our Serenity themed competition we are going to take the liberty of a couple extra days to judge! As a result the final winner of the year's…
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Vernacular Photography - a fascinating area of photography

19th Jan 2012

Vernacular photography or amateur photography refers to the creation of photographs by amateur or unknown photographers who take everyday life and common things as subjects.- (wikipedia). "Aesthetically unpretentious, generally functional images made by amateur snapshooters or…
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A Unique Image

10th Oct 2011

While considering the Footprints project I was reminded of this image. It was taken on Aug. 23, 1966, and was the first view of Earth taken by a spacecraft from the vicinity of the Moon.…
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The Royal Photographic Society

13th Sep 2011

  I have returned to Devon having been a guest at the at the Royal Society in London for the MaCallan Royal Photographic Society annual awards ceremony. I return both inspired and awed. Inspired by not…
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RITUALS OF RECREATION · exhibition tour in Milton Keynes

6th Sep 2011

Our Rituals of Recreation touring exhibition has now reached Milton Keynes and is free at the point of entry for anyone who wants to see a diverse interpretation of this intriguing title theme. After…
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