Candace Gillies-Wright

A very varied show - something to please everyone! Also good to see pictures from people who don't have lots of expensive cameras. And the view from the building was great too!

Muan Asperen

Printing quality excellent considering the many simple cameras used to take excellent photos. Good content & many techniques displayed. Large variety of images.


Well presented. Like the large scale prints. Good curation with variety of genres and international flavour. Great location too.

Sue Green

Really well presented. Great use of otherwise wasted space. Liked the combination of photos, quotes and hints.

M Hesp

The images were laid out in an easy view with plenty of space. Subjects were varied on their approach to light, with a good mix of photographic talent.

Colin Livingstone

Very good selection of images.

Guy Davies

Excellent exhibition with a good range of landscapes, city scenes and photography methods.

Leslie Chu

Very interesting, really makes you want to see the world and travel. Amazing photography.

Clare Corney

Beautiful photos - the sort I wish I could take! And a beautiful space to show them in. Really liked the manual so we could read about photographers and see other examples of their work.

Rebecca Collis

Enjoyed the exhibition. Good layout and display of the images. Great venue and space.