An attendee from a local college

I loved the exhibition, the images picked were very good and I enjoyed looking around. Some have inspired me for my own work at college.

Bruce Gray

Absolutely love the idea of using empty spaces. Love many of the photos, indifferent to some, but it is subjective isn't it? Don't like cheesy titles.

Harriet Lewis

Layout was really nice giving space between each image to appreciate one at a time. Included a wide range of images with no limit to apparatus used, which was great.

Jasmine Baguley

I really enjoyed it, and it opened my eyes to the many different forms of creative photography.

Stephanie Willets (College Tutor)

I found how it was set in an abandoned building interesting. The photographs chosen show a wide variety of photographic talent, it also shows that it doesn't matter what technology you have, it's what you do with it that matters.

Penny Dukes

Enjoyed this - would love to see more!

Pahela Aminou - Exhibitior

Beautifully laid out with other great creators. Definitely worth having a look, for a dose of Creativity.

P F Allen

Instructive and thought provoking. Shows how much I have to learn.