Educational Visits to Architecture Exhibition in Coventry

City College Coventry 29 March 17

At the end of March we welcomed two separate groups of students to our Architecture exhibition in Coventry. The Level 3 BTEC students from City College are currently studying a unit in Location Photography so the theme of the exhibition was very fitting.

City College Coventry 29 March 2017

City College Coventry 30 March 2017

City College Coventry 30 March 2017

It’s always great to get the feedback from the students and see how they found the exhibition. Some of the comments we received are below.

Leila Wilkinson said : “I liked the images but also exploring the buildings”

Kaitlan Daly commented : “I really enjoyed the exhibition as I really like architecture photography as there are so many possibilities and shots you can get. I enjoyed the range of images exhibited today.”

Laurence Thorn remarked : “Really cool collection of architecture photographs, well chosen and well displayed.”

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