The Tipping Point

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Stephen Connell

Send us your best photograph from a crowded street to a disappearing forest, your interpretation on how the world around us is changing…
To enter the competition simply send us a photograph with a short summary of why you think this represents The Tipping Point.

Stephen Connell

First Prize

"The relationship between our planet and the sun is one of paradox. We co-exist in a delicate balance of dependancy and threat" TPA's first Footprints competition winner, Stephen Connell shares more about his winning photograph and the project its from The image has been shot on film with the use of a long exposure. It is intended to capture "solar constant". It takes 8.19 minutes for light to travel from the sun to the earth. This conceptual framework for this body of work is an exploration of the paradox, which exists in the relationship between the sun and earth. The basis of photography itself is traditionally rooted in the manipulation of light and shade from Fox Talbot's "photogenic drawings" onwards. The appropriateness of using photography to explore the effects of the sun interests me greatly. The medium of photography has a historically proven relevance to the documentation of the world we inhabit. With the advances in digital technology photography has never been so accessible, either to participate in or to view. Images can be taken on phones, posted and be globally visible within seconds. Photography remains a powerful tool in which anyone can illustrate and communicate environmental issues. Images can convey the full story of what's really happening in parts of the world where we may not see it with our own eyes. From the epic to the mundane, environmental issues are ever present in our daily lives, documenting them visually can ensure they remain in our collective conscience.