The Basics


1st Mar 2014

Photographing moving objects can be tricky. One approach is to use a high shutter speed. This freezes the moving object against the background. The subject and the background are crisp and clear but it can…
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1st Feb 2014

Today's digital cameras are remarkably good at producing images automatically. They have some 'intelligent' design features which produce an accurate focus and exposure,…
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White Balance

1st Jan 2014

Unfortunately photos often have a colour cast, perhaps a yellowy or bluish tint. Assuming your camera's settings are correct, this is not a fault with your camera's sensor, it is usually an accurate rendering of…
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PPI, DPI and Resolution

28th Jan 2013

What do these terms mean? Let's start with PPI (pixels per inch). A pixel is the smallest element in your digital file. The pixel count of your…
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The Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

3rd Sep 2012

Last week we spotted this great infographic on Pinterest and we just had to share it with you. It was created by Miguel Yatco, a…
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THE BASICS - Film Speed (ISO)

17th Feb 2012

This tutorial offers a simple overview of the ISO (Film Speed) settings on your SLR.
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THE BASICS - Aperture and Shutter Speed

9th Feb 2012

This tutorial explains the aperture and shutter release speed settings on your SLR and how to use them to affect the depth of field and motion in your photographs.
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