Richard Winslade

Well laid out, good mixture of styles. Very colourful! Good choice of venue.

Kelly Roberts

Absolutely Stunning and very well set out. Some fantastic photos that capture colour fantastically.

Shalom Gurjar

Lovely photos. Maybe more details on each photo from the artist.

Steve Bradford


Mo Martin

The theme allowed the photographer to explore a wide variety of techniques and environments. Shame the building isn't used, but it allowed an excellent stage for the images.

Maryan Ellis

Wonderful and so inspirational. I saw views of other cultures I would never see otherwise, and interpretations of subjects I enjoyed through the photographers' eye.

Adrian Evans

A great combination and variety of contemporary images.

George Burrows

Excellent. Inspired my day. Perfect accompaniment to a sunny day. Good venue.

Sue Stone

Moved by the photography, especially 'Abyss of Memory'

Tony Ovens

Good range of modern photography. Size of the work is impressive and suits the subject matter.