The Photographic Angle regularly runs photographic competitions which are open and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, ability, experience, equipment or age.

Each competition has a theme, chosen by our Head of Design, and we welcome submissions that illustrate this theme showcasing originality and a unique viewpoint. The competitions are free to enter and TPA enlists the help of an independent judge who is given the responsibility of selecting the winning entries. One photographer whose entry is deemed the best representation of the competition theme will be awarded a prize.

Throughout the year, our Head of Design will also choose a selection of the best entries submitted to various competition themes for inclusion in one of our future photographic exhibitions. The chosen images will then be printed by the charity and exhibited at no expense to the photographers. If your work is chosen for inclusion you will be contacted via email and asked to send us high resolution versions of your work.


“Though folklore connects people to their past, it is a central part of life in the present, and is at the heart of all cultures”
American Folklore Society

The term ‘folklore’ is a very complex concept and it is not easy to find a single, undisputed definition. In broad terms, folklore can be described as the expressive culture that is shared by a particular group of people and includes the traditions that are common to that group.
These may be oral traditions such as tales, proverbs and jokes. They may include material culture, ranging from traditional building styles to handmade toys. Folklore also includes customary lore, such as the rituals of celebrations like Christmas and weddings, folk dances and initiation rites.
The various traditions, beliefs, customs and stories that relate to the community are passed down through the generations, usually by word of mouth or demonstration. They help to create a shared identity within a social group enabling us to learn who we are and how to make sense of the world around us.
Folklore links us to the cultural heritage from the past, and helps us to discover what it is to be human. It encompasses our attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, feelings, knowledge, understandings, and values.
This competition seeks to portray the various facets that make up the concept of folklore. Inspiration may be found in seasonal celebrations such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Halloween or lifecycle celebrations such as baptisms, birthdays or weddings. Other ideas include community festivals such as Mardi Gras, Carnivals, and Gay Pride for example.
Further inspiration may come from arts and crafts, ballads, folktales, fairy tales, folk plays, folk religion, games, legends, myths, nursery rhymes, regional costumes, traditional and regional food or traditional song and dance.

To submit your work, please click on the “Enter competition” link below, please ensure your file sizes are 1MB or smaller for upload purposes.

Competition closes for entries on June 30th


The Slingshot Edge 150 AW from Lowepro is a compact, stylish sling bag designed to keep your gear secure and within easy reach. Made for urban environments and city breaks, the Slingshot Edge is designed to hold a CSC with attached lens (40-150mm f/4.0-5.6), an extra lens, a small tablet (such as an iPad mini), a mini tripod (e.g. Joby Gorillapod) via the two front quick-release buckles and a water bottle via the elasticated side pocket. The top compartment offers space for personal items, including a light lunch, notebook, mobile phone and wallet. An all-weather cover is also included.

Slingshot Edge 150: Key Features
Fits: CSC with lens attached, 1-2 extra lenses, flash, tablet and accessories
Shoot out of the bag with super-quick, access to side pocket loaded with CSC or DSLR kit
You’re free to move about with ease thanks to an incredibly slim design, padded backpad and a stability strap
Get protection for your photo and personal gear inside and out. Sling includes a fully adjustable and padded divider system and a built-in All Weather AW Cover
Keep your devices with you – a separate pocket with CradleFit construction keeps a tablet safe from impact. A roomy open zone for personal gear holds smartphone, headphones, wallet, keys and other non-photo essentials
Materials: N100 nylon with UTS coating, N210D HD Oxford nylon, stretch polyester
Rethink sling. Slim. Smart. Protective.
Wear the sling on the front or back for ease of use, or security while on the move. Made for urban environments, the Slingshot Edge is designed to keep your powerful and compact DSLR or CSC kit within quick reach. And your go-to tablet, smartphone, headphones, wallet and other essentials well organised. Perfect for city streets, day tripping, exotic travel adventures, and any time you want to keep things light and easy.

Secure – Designed for ease and extra security. Rotate sling to front, unzip side-access pocket and grab kit while wearing. Body-side access to main compartment deters theft while on the move.

Comfortable – Contoured and padded backpad and sling strap provide comfort for a day of touring, photo walking and/or commuting.

Weatherproof – Built-in All Weather AW Cover may be deployed to protect gear from rain, snow, dust and sand as needed.

Versatile – Zippered front pocket includes pocket for a tablet, plus storage for sunglasses, wallet and other essentials.

Competition Judge

Nigel Dutt

I retired about ten years ago from a career in computer software engineering. I have always been a keen photographer, but have become much more photographically active in my retirement, and my work background means that I also enjoy the post processing side of photography as a Lightroom and Flickr user.

About 60 years ago I started out with a Brownie 127 which I was given as a birthday present and was encouraged by my father, who had his own darkroom, and who took a twin lens Rolleiflex with him to record his experiences in the war and then used it throughout my childhood. I eventually found my way to SLRs starting with the Russian Zenith and worked my way via various Pentaxes to Canon and finally the 5D III. I recently started flirting with the Fuji X series of mirrorless cameras, initially for holidays because of their portability, but I’m now appreciating this camera in its own right and using it more and more.

I have quite a wide range of favourite subjects for my own work, including landscape, flower portraits, the RAF Red Arrows, architecture (with several photographs in the current Photographic Angle exhibition), racing cars, townscapes and works of art. Recently I have been experimenting much more with black and white. I also photograph potter friends and their work for use in exhibition catalogues and websites, as well as ‘aspirational’ shots for a jewellery maker, and have had photographs used to illustrate various ceramic and countryside magazine articles. For my own work, I’m more inclined to the aesthetic than to journalistic content, but as a viewer I like and appreciate a very large range of styles and subjects and have a particular interest in historical photography going back to the earliest days of the art.