This exhibition is a wonderful venue to visit. It houses one of the largest collections of our work, and is a really exciting space in which to view a large collection of our prints.

The building itself is easily identifiable, with the old “Car Craft” sign still at the front of the entrance. It is easy to reach via car, train or bus. The closest bus stop is Weston avenue east, which is a few minutes away by foot. By train, Chafford Hundred train station is the closest at 1.4 miles away.

There are lots of retail outlets and restaurants on the park itself, but if you want something to do afterwards on a much larger scale, Lakeside shopping centre is just over a mile from the building.

On arrival at the building, there are small barriers for security reasons which you can walk between. Our gallery attendant is placed just within the doorway as you enter through the main front entrance.

Please contact us for details on disabled access.