Pic of the Week : Backwards Day : 31st January 2020

Image: David Osborn ‘King Penguin Courtship’

Did you know that today is ‘YAD SDRAWKCAB’? No? And you think I’ve just written something in a foreign language?

No, not a foreign language! It says that today is ‘BACKWARDS DAY’!

So, today is the day to do everything backwards – put your clothes on backwards, eat meals backwards (I like the sound of that, desert first!), walk, speak and write backwards. If you attempt any of these things, please let us know how you get on and with photographic evidence too please!

What has that got to do with King Penguins? Well, penguins are unable to walk backwards, so, while people and animals everywhere will be able to join in with doing everything backwards today, the poor penguin will be left out.

We thought you’d appreciate that.