Monochrome Inspiration: Black & White Faces

We have found a great article on Bored Panda which features a series of images taken by independent photographer Luc Kordas. The photographic series features black and white images of people taken on the NYC Subway.

Inspired by this, we have decided to share our own mini series of black and white images of faces that were submitted to our Portraiture competition.

© Steve Beckett, A Textured Life.

© Pranab Basak, Chained Childhood.

© Desislava Ignatova, Me and You.

© Alan Tow, Family.

© Hannaneh Heydari, Self Portrait.

© Nimai  Chandra Ghosh, Frightened from Darken World.

© Steve Beckett, Dave.

© Victor Hugo Casillas Romo, Giovana.

© Pranab Basak, Innocency.

© Pranab Basak, Towards Home.