Images To Inspire You To Enter Our 'The Great Outdoors' Competition

Our latest competition ‘The Great Outdoors’ is now open for entries and we have selected 10 stunning images to get you inspired to enter…

It has been shown time and time again that spending time outdoors is good for our health. Scientists have proven that nature not only encourages physical exercise and increases social interaction, but can even provide stress relief and help soothe mental illness.
As humans we are hard wired to enjoy being outside and it is a sad fact that today’s generations spend far less time outdoors than previous generations. Technology has taken over and we often find ourselves preoccupied with devices and gadgets rather than exploring what the great outdoors has to offer.
Photography is one pursuit that allows us to combine technology with being in our natural environment. Taking photographs of your time outside can be exciting, cathartic, relaxing or exhilarating.
From stunning landscape photographs that capture the beauty of the natural world, to dramatic wildlife photos that shows wild animals in their natural habitat, the great outdoors has so much to offer.
We’re looking for images of craggy hilltops, vast grasslands, moorland paths, sandy beaches, forests and woodland scenes and flowery meadows. Whatever the great outdoors means to you.
We want you to capture your countryside capers and outdoor adventures. Think mountaineering, hiking, rambling, climbing, caving and kite flying. Or maybe sailing, canoeing and paddle boarding is more your kind of thing.
For those who prefer a more relaxing experience, maybe you can capture the serenity of the great outdoors through your images of picnics, camping, foraging, fishing, cycling or bird watching.
The great outdoors is a theme that offers a vast source of inspiration and we are looking forward to seeing what it means to you and how the great outdoors makes you happy.

To submit your work, please click here, please ensure your file sizes are 1MB or smaller for upload purposes.

© Udayan Sankar Pal, Painted river.

© Udayan Sankar Pal, Still Waters.

© Bharat Bhambhaney, The Taj.

© Rick Lingo, Ecole Morning.

© Owens Pereira, Nurtured by Nature.

© Amdad Hossain, Guava is Going to sell in the Market.

© Edgaras Vaicikevicius, On the Waves

© Brian Rawlins, Astral Behemoth.

© Anjan Roy, Keeping Head High.

© Ruurd Visser, Good Morning.