Images To Inspire You To Enter Our 'Expression' Competition

Our latest competition ‘Expression’ is now open for entries and we have selected 10 stunning images to get you inspired to enter…

American photographer Minor White is quoted as having said “Photographs can be outward expressions of inward states. They’re not about what something is, but rather what else something is”.
Expression can be defined as the act of making one’s thoughts or feelings known. This can be through any verbal and non-verbal behaviour that communicates the emotions that we are feeling at a given time.

A face can say so much. It is probably the most important factor in identifying human emotions and character. Even the tiniest movement of the face can clearly convey a person’s emotional state.
Self-expression is a display of individuality. Many people choose to express themselves through their clothing, hairstyle, makeup, or any other means that allows them to reflect their personality in a visual manner. Others like to express themselves through art, dance, music or the words that they use.

This theme is asking you to explore the various interpretations of expression. Can you capture someone’s spirit, personality or character in a photo? How can you use expressions and emotions add depth to your photography. Can you show how you use photography as an artistic expression?

To submit your work, please click here, please ensure your file sizes are 1MB or smaller for upload purposes.

© G.Son, Of Dust and Spirit.


© Mark Levitin, Mayana Soora.


© G.Son, The Tale of a Happy Man.


© Fernand De Canne, Gent 1016.


© Robin Yong, Brotherhood.


© Sanghamitra Sarkar, Make up.


© Adusyanti Chatterjee, Budhha’s Daughter.


© Hadi Asgari, Untitled.


© Robin Yong, Children of the Omo Valley.


© Goran Erfani, Look.