Angela Ramage

I thought the building it's in, is very good - lots of space. The images are displayed in a varied & interesting manner. The curator is extremely knowledgable & on hand to answer any questions which I thought was brilliant. Our photography class had an amazing time - thanks very much for the opportunity!

Stephanie Barnett

Spent 2 hours at the exhibition seeing some great pictures. Adrian was very helpful 7 informative. Very glad we visited. Thank you very much.

John Foster

Very airy setting with plenty of space so had plenty of room to move around. Good selection of images. Useful details of camera settings.

June Hanson

Well presented exhibition. Great shots, full of colour.

Laura Griffin

Very interesting and enjoyable. A great variety of images & interpretations of the theme. Wonderful opportunity to see other photographers' work. Thank you.

John Dudley

This is an excellent exhibition with stunning photographs, well worth the visit.

Daniel Barrett

The 4 Elements described the exhibition perfectly. Kudos

Barbara Hait

Beautiful exhibition. I will try to submit some of my own work in the future.

Alan Howell

Some great shots and technical advice for future reference.

Richard Holmes

Good, varied exhibition. Enjoyed the experience. Someone else's memories transported for all to see.