Ayana Horton

I liked it a lot. I wished I had learned about it sooner so I could come back with my daughter.

A visitor from London

Love it! Amazing Space.


Inspiring, I would like to be updated on the next exhibition!

A visitor to Uxbridge

A great collection of photographs that reflect what we see on a daily basis. 'Streetscapes' is a great title that represents this collection.

Visitor from local camera club

Excellent - look forward to the next one!

Visitor who works near the venue

Unquestionably the best so far. Challenging for my own meagre efforts.

Rob Douglas

Great collection of 'people' photographs. A bit more information on each piece would make the display more engaging. Overall, very enjoyable!

Visitor from Wokingham and East Berkshire Camera Club

Well presented and laid out. Good exhibition space - nice format.

Greg Rowe

Very nice street photography. Great composition & effects.