We thought it was amazing and inspirational. It showed a lot of character.

P Jones

Loved the action shots - very good exhibition.

James Miller

REALLY interesting to explore an empty building and the photos were good too!

D Park

Another excellent exhibition by photographers who know how to 'capture' people (and also fast moving objects and scenes).

D Richards

Good to see pictures exhibited in large format. Interesting spread of subject matter. Informative captioning.

Liz Waterhouse

I really enjoyed the exhibition - the way it was set out & different styles of photography. I've learned a lot of techniques and got ideas for my own photography.

David Stout

A wide range of subject matter, in particular I liked the portraiture.

Wendy Anez

It was a great exhibition - nicely laid out. Some of the photos were fantastic - vibrant colours. Came with my daughter who is about to begin a foundation photography degree, I'm glad I came with her.

Mariko North

I really liked the use of the space and the quality and diversity of photographers.

Christopher Stirling

Quality of pictures superb, many of the pictures stunning and inspirational. Excellent information boards on techniques

Eric Spicer

I viewed the exhibition with my grandson who is about to go to Art College. Like me, he found it enlightening. He's now aware of the standard needed to make an impression

Tony Spooner

Excellent range of images. The 'lost childhood' series was superb