Tom Waterfield

Good, clear, insightful pictures.

Rychard Winslade

I loved this theme - all the exhibitions were good, but this one told me stories of the people in the photos - it was like entering their lives for a brief moment in time.

Kate Shaw

Interesting to see an exhibition with groups of photos on a theme by the same author, rather than lots of individual photos. Enjoyed it a lot. This is the 3rd TPA exhibition I've been to now, and they've all been good.

M McLeod

I enjoyed the whole exhibition. The Russian Steppe photos were very atmospheric and worked well as a set.

Terence Murrell

Overall I liked this exhibition and appreciate the passion which has gone into creating these pieces. Well done to all.

Jacqueline Lamoure

A fresh look at one's own everyday life.

R Ellingham

Excellent exhibition, both visually exciting and informative.

Dudley Pittman

An excellent exhibition again.

Mrs Maureen Jalili

Great to see items exhibited in such a large space to allow circulation. Enjoyed the theme and variety of sources enormously

Ken Bunch

Interesting, thought-provoking exhibition - giving insights into the lives of people around the world. Some very memorable images.