Paul Beard

Nicely varied images & well curated. Good to see a couple of photographers adding some comments about their images which helps with the context. More please.

Mr Harradine

Thank you, enjoyable. I want to improve my skill, interesting to see others' interpretation. To create a photograph that enlarges to this size is an accomplishment.

A visitor from Chertsey Camera Club

One of the best yet, you are to be congratulated. The picture quality is excellent.

Zoe Hayes

The exhibition is amazing. All photography is outstanding and very eye-catching. A great experience.

Alex Jackson

Loved the way it was presented in the contrasting rooms that brought out different qualities in the different styles.

David Turnbull

Wonderful exhibition of diverse subjects all linked by the Monochrome theme.

Jay Hunjan

Variation in work is good. Information supplied is helpful.

Louis Reyford

Composition & lighting works really well with these B & W (black & White) photos. Some great work.

A visitor from London

There were some beautiful photos in the exhibition. Information supplied was v informative. I like the printing process.

Bernard Rose

Some very well thought out ideas (the dogs), also the scenery shots (infra red?) were very good and inspiring. Thank you.