Mrs Gebauer

Landscapes very interesting. Environmental photographs also interesting.

Pamela Stirling

Enjoyed this one very much, especially Sylvia Adams & Derek Dewey-Leader. Thought David Thomas Smith's were very clever and true reflections.

Julie Cooper

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. I found the photographs very interesting.

Ameta Patel

Would definitely come again and even think of submitting myself.

Maria Walker

Great idea to use empty office spaces for exhibitions. enjoyed this one a lot.

Alan Nuttall

Informative, inventive, interesting. Well staged in a good setting.

Colette Thomas

It was very personal. It was inviting. Good having stands with writing about photography. Setting helpful because you focus on the photos and where you are

Kate Whitley

Really nice! Especially the text boards

Stephanie Perkins

A very interesting and thought-provoking assortment of photos.

C White

Wonderful display in an amazing setting. Very good indeed.