Alaa Alkandari

A refreshing place to come, wander around if interested in photography. Photographs are wonderful! Love it.

Alison Gove-Humphries

Stunning space and amazing photography. The size of the displays and the space add to the viewing experience. Also like the photography tips scattered around.

Charles Randall

Great exhibition. My son is doing a lot of photography as part of his Art GCSE, so very good to inspire him. Also a great idea to put it into unused office space.

Christine Taylor

Have seen numerous exhibitions, all good, but this one is exceptional, very inspiring.

George Starck

It shows how different our modes of living are.

Shanice Bodkin

I really liked this exhibition, seeing how photographers capture the different images, showing different emotions and feelings.

Christine Cheseldine

I loved the exhibition. I am coming to sketch one or two photographs.

A subscriber from Reading

Excellent choices and varied. Reproduction good even for small cameras. Enjoyed the viewing.

Caroline Robinson

Photos were great, varied and interesting.

Linda Pelling

Very interesting, given a lot of inspiration.