A C Jarvis

Fantastic surprise. How else could you spend a rainy day? Only seen half of it. Have to come back tomorrow.

Nicola Wright

Lovely exhibition - impressed by the number of photos on display.

P Hacking

Unexpected large format display panels really engaged you with the subject. Good show.

M Jones

Some lovely inspirational photography. A wide variety.

Rebecca Clifforde

I loved the atmospheric images: Becoming Men, Time is like a Coin; Reach For Me. A great diversity of genre. The information below each image was very interesting in many cases and the noticeboards with photographic tips and insights were a surprising inclusion - very useful.

Penny Lewis

Very good. Interesting arrangement. I like the 'quotes' as well as the photos.

I Danielson

Some great images, I've gone with some some ideas to use, like the little advice notices.

Richa Anand

I think the exhibition was great, a variety of pictures with variety of technical aspects used. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to visiting many more.

Greg Heavens

A very interesting and varied exhibition. I will come and see more!

Phenen North

Beautiful, impactful and inspiring images.