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Dewitt Jones: Inspirational Speaker on Photography

28th Jan 2012

Dewitt Jones, photographer for National Geographic gives a short talk on his creative process.
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TPAtalks VOICES Bristol: Participatory Photography & TPA

7th Jan 2012

The first collaborative TPAtalk VOICES was held at the University of the West of England with Matt Daw projects manager at PhotoVoice. Antony Riley, our communications manager, introduced the activities of TPA before…
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David Mitchell's Soapbox - The Burden of Proof

3rd Oct 2011

David Mitchell shares his feelings on people who doubt mankind's impact on the natural world...
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The Monster Beneath the Water - A profound photo documentary.

1st Oct 2011

The Monster Beneath the Water is a profound photo documentary on the effect of the BP oil disaster on a small fishing community. The Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer Melanie Burford traveled to Louisiana soon after the Deepwater…
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PhotoVoice and TPA

6th Sep 2011

TPA are extremely pleased to have started working collaboratively on a new exhibition tour with PhotoVoice. Whilst most of the time PhotoVoice are viewed from afar with something akin to envy for the professional running…
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