6 Country Specific Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Vicars Close, Wells, Somerset taken by Keith Britton

Vicars Close, Wells, Somerset taken by Keith Britton

My Country is one of our exhibition themes and it features photographs that showcase the people, wildlife, customs, monuments, landscapes, and the many symbols of national identity that make up a country and provide a strong sense of community and belonging for those who live there.

My Country will be touring again throughout the summer and we have taken this as our inspiration to look at some of the great Instagram accounts out there that attempt to showcase everyday life in a particular country.


This account features some absolutely stunning landscape images of Iceland’s glaciers, waterfalls, fjords, hot springs, lava landscapes and steaming fields.  The feed is also populated with the occasional wildlife shot and images of the Northern Lights. The account currently has 158k followers.

Puffins in love ?? by @iuriebelegurschi #everydayiceland

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The @everydayegypt account features images of everyday life in Egypt taken by photographers from or working in the country. The feed focuses heavily on people and features plenty of portraits. It paints a beautiful picture of life in Egypt for its 114k followers.



Just like @everydayegypt, this account features some lovely images of life in Iran. Again it focuses on the human element by featuring lots of people pictures along with some great cityscapes and architectural shots. This account currently has 149k followers.



This account was inspired by @everydayafrica and it curates images taken by its followers. This account is a lot less polished than the other accounts and rather than trying to show all the best bits of life in Sweden it focuses more on the mundane. This may explain why it has only a little over 1k followers.




Again this is currently a very small account, but everyone has to start somewhere. The feed is full of beautifully picturesque images of Croatia portraying it as a truly idyllic destination. It shows the country through the various seasons and in different locations from cities to forests to coastal locations. The shots of architecture are full of character and history.




This account is made of images contributed by photographers living and working in the region who capture everyday images. This feed has a more documentary style with many of the images telling a story about the individuals that are featured.