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Testimonials from Wildlife of the World

Wildlife of the world Manchester, St James House

19th Jul 2017 - 23rd Jul 2017

A fascinating and beautifully displayed exhibition highlighting the many magnificent creatures with whom we share this planet. Phenomenal photography!

Stephen Horrocks

I really enjoyed the exhibition. Some great wildlife images. Good to see large format prints.

A visitor to Manchester

All photos brilliant and VERY interesting.

Miss Hilary Parry

Very impressive. Very striking as they are on very big canvasses, spaced out very nicely to increase the impact. Fantastic photos that will stay with you.

Ralf Tenbrink

Photo selection was good and I liked the details of where, what camera, lense etc.  interesting use of an office building.

Mayu Teveen

Excellent space. Good variety of photographs within the 3 [exhibitions] we have been to. Really like the large print size – helps appreciate the shots.

John King

An expressive entourage of wildlife ranging from Essex to Namibia. A beautiful jump into another place and time.

Lots of character, really good to see. Loved the tips posted around.

George Johnson

Wildlife of the world Newcastle, Q4

12th Jul 2017 - 16th Jul 2017

Good photos with a wide range of locations and subjects. Well laid out with good info provided.

A visitor to Newcastle

Brilliant concept to stage exhibitions as you do, as it brings photography to the general public. There are not many photographic exhibitions in the North East of England so a double bonus.

Jim Meikle

I really enjoyed the exhibition. photographs were beautiful in their detail, subject and the variety of animals photographed was interesting. I also enjoyed the quotes positioned around the venue on easels. Thank you! Would highly recommend.

Debra Smurthwaite

Wildlife Leeds, Sovereign House

5th Jul 2017 - 9th Jul 2017

Beautiful artwork – I’m glad I got the chance to come and see it.

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Great content – plenty to see. Excellent quality

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Very impressive work

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Fantastic Exhibition.

C Taylor

Beauty in a lens, sums up my experience.

James Morris

Wildlife of the World Birmingham

19th Mar 2016 - 23rd Mar 2016

Nice to see the photos blown up so large. Nice variety and excellent quality.

A visitor from Birminham

Beautiful photos capturing animals in action and resting. Nicely presented in a peaceful and panormaic location.

April Shacklock

Beautiful photos capturing animals in action and resting. Nicely presented in a peaceful and panoramic location.

April Shacklock

Wildlife of the World Southend On Sea

27th Jan 2016 - 31st Jan 2016

I really liked the brightness and vivid up close detail of the pictures.

Sharon Baldwin

Excellent series of photos brought to life by Adrian able to think about photography for all!

Cherry Sandover

So many different approaches to this subject, as photographers we enjoyed the variations of the photography.

A Visitor to Southend

Wildlife of the World Swindon

27th Jan 2016 - 31st Jan 2016

Great wide space. Lovely photographs. Thanks!


Beautiful photographs! The action shots of the animals were amazing.


Colourful images that represent wildlife very well, and we got some great photography tips too. Thank you.

Svetlana, Trevor, Lyndon, David, Anna and Tom

Great, an unexpected find!


Very good. Well displayed with interesting articles on developing photography skills.

John Baker

Brilliant – amazing photography.

Lesley and Ken

Great venue, very nice, big open space to view pictures.


Very nice and diverse display. I liked the mix of professional and amateur sources, as well.


Fantastic images; amazing variety.

Maria Ogbourne

Unbelievable! The size of images: enormous, beautiful too. Better lighting upstairs made a lot of difference.

Malcolm Cole

A very impressive exhibition. Please bring more like this to Swindon.

Richard Cherry

Wildlife of the World Maidenhead

13th Jan 2016 - 17th Jan 2016

Enjoyed Wildlife photos. Lovely to see photos taken in UK/Ireland and not just exotic locations.

Kevin Pickett

Wildlife of the World Leeds

6th Jan 2016 - 14th Jan 2016

excellent photographs! The kids loved all the animals and birds.

Matthew Cliff

very good – great idea to use city spaces like this.

Katie Cliff

Really good exhibition – carefully chosen images (quality and quantity).

Paul Bradbury

Excellent pictures – good to see a range of photographers included.

Tony Chapman

Photographs well displayed, plenty of room to stand back & admire them. Good to see images of British Wildlife.

Steve Shillitoe

Wonderful, powerful pictures capturing nature in splendid detail.

Julie Russell

Great shots. Excellent theme & great to highlight the plight of animals today.

L Buckley

Really enjoyed the exhibition. Fantastic photos – I also liked the open space and the lighting. Please continue to exhibit – it's great to see so many talented photographers' work.

A visitor from Leeds

Very well laid out, spacious, good variety of photos. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Adrian Gill

Wildlife of the World Weybridge

16th Dec 2015 - 20th Dec 2015

Really beautiful photographs.

A visitor from Weybridge

Wildlife of the World Bracknell

8th Aug 2015 - 12th Aug 2015

Very good.

Ian Peach

Some excellent photographs. Inspiring! And useful to see what settings people use.

Mark Poley

Wildlife of the World Camberley

1st Aug 2015 - 5th Aug 2015

We really enjoyed looking at the photos 7 enjoyed the tips and quotes.

Claire Funnell

Good to see some in Black and White. Also that not all were taken in Africa.

Rodney Dawes

Wildlife of the World London

25th Jul 2015 - 29th Jul 2015

A really marvellous exhibition. Clear labelling of camera details.

B Patilla

Absolutely beautiful.

Maria Movakova

Really interesting & enjoyable. Great photos too.

Georgina Ellis

Lovely way to spend 1/2 hour. Really enjoyed it.

Faye Brann

Wildlife of the World Guildford

15th Aug 2015 - 19th Aug 2015

Very interesting display and a great idea to allow people to discover photography. Very tranquil setting.

A visitor from Guildford

Nice exhibition of wildlife from all over the world and the UK!

Dan Dutton

very impressive, one of the best.

John Probert

I am an amateur photographer and I really enjoyed the exhibition. I will consider to join the charity.

Luis Prieto

A beautiful exhibition. i particularly like the material used for printing each shot. A delightful range of locations and subjects.

Ashley Pearson

Wildlife of the World Coventry

18th Jul 2015 - 22nd Jul 2015

Beautiful pictures showing nature in it's glory, on exotic sites and Gateshead. They were nice!

Jonathan Beard

Another very good exhibition. Pleased to see more details about camera settings. But perhaps a few too many kingfishers and canaries – more variety of subjects would have been better.

Paul Beard and Joy Herbert

Exceptional photos, really enjoyed the experience.

Stephen Timms

Wildlife of the World Uxbridge

10th Jun 2015 - 14th Jun 2015

Brilliant exhibition (could do with better advertising locally & near the venue). The images were amazing and varied and were displayed thoughtfully around the space.

Julia O'Sullivan

Fantastic opportunity for budding photographers, gives them a platform to exhibit work. Loved it!!

Jyoti Chana

For those of us who are into animal photography it was a very interesting exhibition, although perhaps a lot more insects than other creatures.

Stephen Penney

Very impressive. Nice pictures. Makes you want to travel to those amazing places.

Harald Cools

Fantastic Show

Janet Ryerson

Loved all the pictures – very peaceful.

Naresh Sonai

Wildlife of the World London

3rd Jun 2015 - 7th Jun 2015

Excellent photographs and a unique setting.


Superb photography, very well displayed using all available space – excellent to use vacant space.

Sue Hynard

Excellent. Very accomplished pictures.

A visitor from a local U3A

Wildlife of the World Peterborough

27th May 2015 - 31st May 2015

A fantastic collection of some very strong images. Many inspirational images. Will recommend this to others.

Jon Sears

A great venue, plenty of space to view images, all together a wonderful exhibition. Beautiful images.

Joe Darcy

Fantastic exhibition as ever. Beautiful photos in an amazing setting.

Emma Bothamley

Amazed and inspired to discover this incredible organisation and exhibition. Needs 2 or 3 visits to absorb it all! I loved the witty pelican shots and the local Northants wildlife (Sylvia Adams and Sheila Haycox).

Katy Sagoe

An amazing collection of photos – we soon ran out of superlatives! My personal favourite: the baby and the fly. Amazing technical skill, with a marvellous subject. A photo I will remember for a long time.

Neil Walker

It is an absolutely amazing exhibition ideally assisted by this wonderfully structured building. The viewing is greatly helped by the miscellaneous nature depicted. Wonderful!!!

Chris Randall

Particularly liked the sealife and birds. Very sharp and perfect colour.

Mrs D Sandles

I found this exhibition most interesting, especially because of the information offered by the curator.

Kenneth Ince

This is my second time to an exhibition by Photographic Angle. Superb images in a stunning location.

Keith Vincent

Excellent exhibition with a good range of subjects. It's great to see them printed this large and presented so well.

Annie Ford

Wildlife of the World Birmingham

20th May 2015 - 24th May 2015

Some good images with lots to critique. Nice to see both amateurs & professionals in the exhibit.

Jan Harris

Some inspiring images & good to have the technical information for each picture.

John Dignum

Fantastic pictures, displayed well on canvas screens.

G Marriott

It was lovely, wish I could see some more pictures of the photographers, and that it would be advertised a bit more.

Zanna Grigorjan

Beautiful shots. I love how some of the animals are captured. Well worth coming.

Dr Juliane Shwarz

Wildlife of the World Weybridge

18th Mar 2015 - 22nd Mar 2015

Fantastic images on the whole. Not sure about banners for presentation – stiff board may have been better. Loved the way you are led from picture to picture.

Hilary Enticott

Very high quality of images & well presented – a most enjoyable & inspiring exhibition.

B Reynolds

Really good selection of photography on show from around the world. We enjoyed it as a family.

Ian Donkin

Beautiful photographs and wonderful to see the fine detail and textures of such a variety of creatures.

P Kilminster

As a lover of natural history I really appreciated the wide selection of beautiful photographs.

C Brading

Wildlife of the World Reading

4th Mar 2015 - 8th Mar 2015

Beautiful presentation in spacious office. Some lovely photographs.

Paul Munkenbeck

Outstanding – especially the quality of the images taken with compact cameras.

M Van Asperen

Very interesting, very high standard of photography. Inspirational and captures the moments.

Christine Lamb

Very good. Hope to see more exhibitions in this area.

Visitor from local camera club

Stunning images, beautifully displayed. I hope enough people get to see them (a bit out of the way).

Brian Totham

Wonderful, pity just a few people took the effort to see so many superb photographs.

Alan Greeley

Brilliant – well worth the trip.

Visitor from South Reading Camera Club

Wildlife of the World Stockport

18th Feb 2015 - 22nd Feb 2015

Excellent – really good quality photographs well presented with plenty of room for viewing and at a good facility.

K Burns

Really enjoyed the subject matter and the quality of the photographs.

Jude Ridley

I found this exhibition absolutely fascinating! the images were uniformly magnificent, ranging from the tiniest of insects to the mightiest of mammals! It also helps to highlight how precious our environment is, and the vital importance of preserving the habitat so our fellow creatures can share it with us! Friendly, helpful welcome from the gallery attendant – most impressed with another TPA show!

Feedback from a subscriber

Some super photos. Love the size of the prints, gives you a chance to look at them rather than walk past, see them in the distance and close up.

Neil Sumner

Excellent macro & zoom photos, well done. Insect photos best I have ever seen.

John Potts

Great venue with great light. Excellent & interesting collection.

Phil Baines

Very interesting, very good photographs. African pictures reminded me about trips I had taken there – I must go back!

Roger Lee

Very high quality images that really capture the moment.

Ian Burns

Good varied selection, useful to have technical info on images.

Steve Smith

Brilliant space and stunning photos.

A Murphy

Great venue. Exhibits truly beautiful and inspiring.

Caroline Walmsley

Really good. Great venue. Quality photos.

Michael Watson

These photographs were breath-taking. some of the best digital photos that I have ever seen. I hope to see more like that.

Alan Thorp

Wildlife of the World Newcastle

11th Feb 2015 - 15th Feb 2015

Fabulous images. Incredible detail. Very skillful photographers.

Gordon Carlton

Really enjoyed the photos & dreaming of going to some of these places one day.

Shirley Palmer

Brilliant – esp so due to the unusual environment.

Helen Nesbitt

Excellent. Very inspiring. Loved the quotes & the tips & the fact that you included the EXIF data on the info boards. Really appreciated the large size of the pictures.

Janette Blakemore

Some amazing photography! A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a lunch break from work!

Rachel Mold