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Testimonials from Our Stories

Our Stories Manchester St James House

8th Jun 2019 - 12th Jun 2019

An extremely interesting and varied exhibition of photos. Looking forward to more

David Dixon

Very impressed. Lovely large pictures in a lovely large space

Michele Allan

Great photos – with interesting diversity of locations! Really liked the size they were reproduced at

Joe Boyd

Fascinating portraits, really takes you to a world into the lives of others. The Afghan child peeking from behind the wall was striking.  Love the space

A visitor to St James Tower

Interesting perspectives and we appreciated most, the exhibits about Afghanistan and the description about the aims of the project


3 very different takes on person photography. Great stuff

A visitor to St James Tower

Another interesting (if smaller) exhibition. Again children photos particularly atmospheric and touching

Stuart Cairns

Our Stories London South Quay Plaza

1st Jun 2019 - 5th Jun 2019

Great emotions in the photographs

A visitor to South Quay Plaza

Our Stories Maidenhead Bray House

25th May 2019 - 29th May 2019

Very enjoyable exhibition. Would definitely come to future exhibitions and will recommend to friends and family

Jo Nice

Fantastic use of surplus office space. Photographs are well presented, printed large. Notes on location and technique are brief but fine

Michael Brown

Nice clean layout, logically grouped and arranged through out the floor, to flow the narratives. Surprised at the level of sharpness of the prints

Martin Gurner

A very inspiring, eye-opening exhibition that I would definitely recommend to others

Grace Keevil

Our Stories Reading Greenpark

18th May 2019 - 22nd May 2019

To combine a walk through a very pleasant landscape, coupled with very interesting photos made for a very enjoyable few hours.

A visitor to Green Park

Some stunning pictures and a lovely walk round.

A visitor to Green Park

They were very well captured and provocative. You could see a considerable amount from one picture.

A visitor to Green Park

Great venue for a great snapshot of lives.

A visitor to Green Park

An excellent and thought provoking series of images. Liked the walk between locations – time to think.

A visitor to Green Park

Our Stories London

20th Aug 2015 - 24th Aug 2015

Very insightful, made me reflect.

Keziah Akpan

Liked the photos with the locations, eg. Cuba etc.

Lisa Flynn

Good, clear, insightful pictures.

Tom Waterfield

Our Stories Exeter

27th May 2015 - 31st May 2015

Very nice to see the large photos, well displayed. Enjoyed the snapshots of places and cultures I haven't visited and the photographers' takes on them.

David Dyball

I loved this theme – all the exhibitions were good, but this one told me stories of the people in the photos – it was like entering their lives for a brief moment in time.

Rychard Winslade

Great venue, lots of space and light.

A visitor from a local camera club

Really well laid out, good variety of subjects, excellent presentation on the large canvases.

A visitor who was walking past

Good to have background of photographers and some context to stories behind pictures.

A visitor who was walking past

Interesting and thought provoking. Beautiful colours amongst a desolate background.

A visitor who was walking past

Insightful photography. The handout was very useful to add the background to the stories.

A visitor who discovered the exhibition online

Thought provoking especially the old lady. Insight into other lives and societies. Untitled photos leave the viewer a little lost as to their meaning.

A visitor from a local camera club

Our Stories Manchester

29th Apr 2015 - 3rd May 2015

I enjoyed this exhibition, it gave me the chance to observe the lifestyles of others, which are completely different to my own. It gave me the chance to reflect on my own life, and to ask myself "What is my story?". Wonderfully insightful. The set up is terrific. I particularly like the 'Latin American Everyday Life' with it's use of colours and dynamic depictions of ordinary humans.

Nathan Carter-Dale

Useful photo tips plus some excellent images. Interesting venue.

Visitor from Manchester

Interesting to see an exhibition with groups of photos on a theme by the same author, rather than lots of individual photos. Enjoyed it a lot. This is the 3rd TPA exhibition I've been to now, and they've all been good.

Kate Shaw

Guatemalan photographs very strong – good photo story-telling. Russian photos – the black and white treatment really worked – a bleakness about it. South African pics well-captured – would have liked more info on individual shots.

Brenda Hempton

I enjoyed the whole exhibition. The Russian Steppe photos were very atmospheric and worked well as a set.

M McLeod

Another excellent and thought-provoking exhibition chronicling the tales of different people from diverse countries. These stories cover a wide range of events from ordinary everyday life to the traditions of a South African funeral ceremony.

Stephen Horrocks

Our Stories Maidenhead

20th May 2015 - 24th May 2015

Overall I liked this exhibition and appreciate the passion which has gone into creating these pieces. Well done to all.

Terence Murrell

Interesting and varied. Afghan children – very thought provoking.

Visitor in Maidenhead

Our Stories Birmingham

13th May 2015 - 17th May 2015

A fresh look at one's own everyday life.

Jacqueline Lamoure

Nice space, good pictures, like the idea of pictures on canvas.

Another visitor who saw this advertised online

Really impressive work. Gives insight into other people's lives.

A visitor who saw this advertised online

Interesting exhibition, good variety of pictures from all over the world. Thanks.

A visitor from Birmingham

Our Stories Milton Keynes

22nd Oct 2014 - 26th Oct 2014

An excellent selection of photographs. For the most part well thought out and intriguing.

Clive Green

Enjoyed photography. Some more info on location of shots would have been good.

Grant Miller

Liked the Afghan and African pictures. Would have liked to know a bit of the story behind them.

D Bowker

Our Stories Manchester

1st Mar 2014 - 5th Mar 2014

Excellent exhibition, both visually exciting and informative.

R Ellingham

The exhibition is excellent. We enjoyed the different themes.

Dudley Pittman

Our Stories Peterborough

4th Dec 2013 - 8th Dec 2013

Great to see items exhibited in such a large space to allow circulation. Enjoyed the theme and variety of sources enormously

Mrs Maureen Jalili

Interesting, thought-provoking exhibition – giving insights into the lives of people around the world. Some very memorable images.

Ken Bunch

Very, very impressed. Good to see images where the content and purpose are so strong. Especially 'liked' the work of Lee Barry – both moving and a call to awareness. Many thanks, great resource and venue.

Chris Shaw

Technically a high standard of work. More importantly thought provoking

Bill Mawdsley

It's true the best things in life are free. Amazing

Helen Brazier

Another excellent exhibition. Such inspiration from other photographers

Stephen Brudenell

Well laid out exhibition with evocative stories

James Fell

Our Stories Milton Keynes

27th Nov 2013 - 1st Dec 2013

Beautiful photos! My favourite series was the one on Afghan children – only suggestion to improve the experience of the exhibition would be to include some commentary by the artists, to hear their voices!

Araz E Rad

Our Stories Solihull

6th Nov 2013 - 10th Nov 2013

Very much focused on people: children to old age. A look at a number of societies and fortunes. Very interesting

David Lloyd

Our Stories Stockport

28th Aug 2013 - 1st Sep 2013

Beautifully presented and displayed. Inspirational re ‘breaking rules’ of photography to say what you want to say

Carole Martin

Very interesting and illuminating exhibition. Great to see other ways of life

Mark Carey

Our Stories Slough

6th Apr 2013 - 10th Apr 2013

It was an amazing exhibition showing both outstanding work and revealing the hidden stories each photograph holds. Brilliant experience.

Zahara Kayani

Some great portraits, esp the b&w ones. I also like the open layout and size of the images.

Dean McBryde

Our Stories Croydon

20th Apr 2013 - 24th Apr 2013

A variety of thought-provoking images. A quiet and colourful window on the world to bring variety to my lunch break.

Stef Downham

Interesting impressions of everyday scenes.

Alan Thorpe

Please keep promoting these excellent photographers.

Debra Greenwood

Very nice exhibition, especially the B&W prints. Educational and stimulating.

P Greenwood

Our Stories Bristol

26th Jan 2013 - 30th Jan 2013

An interesting range of broad lifestyle and a good combination of black and white and colour photographs

Morgane Bigault

Some very moving and chilling exhibits along with some beautiful scenes

Jim Whitaker

Our Stories Greenford

5th Jan 2013 - 9th Jan 2013

Our Stories as a theme has left an impression on my mind and how little for granted I may take my circumstances for

Ikram Elahi

Good topics, nice venue. Will be back for more in the summer. Olives in Palestine was of particular interest

Ravi Yanchal

I enjoyed the exhibition, especially the black and white work

Rob Cadd

Our Stories Greater London

2nd Feb 2013 - 6th Feb 2013

Very thought provocative insight into 3rd world and poor communities amongst the richest countries. Emotional and passionate photography. Very interesting

Seth White

It is a very interesting, dramatic and real way to see how the world and humans act. Photography lets us understand different angles of the same picture

Maria Goetschel

A very interesting collection. A time to explore and reflect about the lives of people around the world

Ana O’Sullivan

Great photography and displayed brilliantly

Rowena Lawlor

Very good. Enjoyed looking at the photos. I came especially

David Hirsh

I was touched by the photos. The commentary helped me to understand in depth people’s courage in facing such great difficulties in their lives


Very lucidly presented. The olive harvest to the dancing lady were timely reminders of the problems today

M. Jivoniel

Our Stories London

12th Jan 2013 - 16th Jan 2013

Enjoyable, varied content. Thought provoking

Bridget Petty

Liked the work by Lee Barry & Alex Mason

Chris Carter

Very moved by the Our Stories exhibition, especially the children

Pauline Hannon

Interesting. It makes you aware of other people and their problems

Tommie Kilroy

Really interesting & thought provoking

Nicola Lees

Very good. Interesting & thoughtful

Oliver Holder

Very interesting and good use of vacant office space

Nick Belston

Very interesting mix of pictures


The exhibition was very poignant and I can relate especially to the children of Africa

Sandy Mudarikiri

Very interesting & thought provoking. Particularly liked Vanessa Terán’s work


Diverse. I would value similar in future. I’m a fan of companies ‘hosting’ art

Rob Smith

A beautiful exhibition. Especially enjoyed the works by Chakraborty & Cruceru which were very moving and beautifully shot

Edward O’Brien

A lot of thought and work has gone into this exhibition. The standard is really high


Nice exhibition. Well laid out

Rob Jasper

I enjoyed the gypsies, particularly the juxtaposition between old and new

George Stratton

Enjoyed the reflective nature of the compositions and human focus

Tom Watson

Amazing body of work. Very touching. Beautifully presented

Katerina Aniosova