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Testimonials from A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour Feltham Bedfont Lakes 2018:02:14 00:00:00

14th Feb 2018 - 18th Feb 2018

Very well presented

David Thomas

Very impressive and lots of photos beautifully displayed. I liked the tips and quotes. Good to see the information of camera and settings used. Editing information would be useful perhaps.

Jenny Hanrahan

A Splash of Colour Weybridge The Heights 2017:11:04 00:00:00

4th Nov 2017 - 8th Nov 2017

I liked it because there were a range of different types of pictures and there were a lot of colours.

Marylou Reed

A Splash of colour Leeds, Sovereign House

7th Oct 2017 - 11th Oct 2017

Really excellent use of an empty space and giving an opportunity to publicly showcase personal work is fantastic!

Hayley Brooke

Gorgeous sets of photography – clearly laid out – loved the size of the images, felt each one could be greatly appreciated. Such a great couple of hours – so interesting to see some artists’ works divided and be able to tell whose was whose! Wonderful day out – such a great way to learn to appreciate photography.

Emma Hooker

Landscape photos particularly well presented, too many graphic effects on the industrial ones, a very good mixture of types and approaches. Nothing at all that could be described as banal snapshots.

A visitor to Sovereign House Leeds

Wonderful – such large pictures/prints, lots of space to move around. Very very colourful.

Duncan Armitage

Some good interpretations of the theme.

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Very interesting pictures. Liked the venue.

A visitor to Sovereign House in Leeds

Good insight into new photographers. Good topics.

Vania Pomares

A Splash of Colour Manchester St James's House 2017:09:24

24th Sep 2017 - 28th Sep 2017

A fascinating, varied and vibrant collection of images displayed to excellent effect. Cracking use of colour!

A TPA Subscriber

Always good to see a photographic exhibition here. I’d like to have seen a wider range of exhibitors. ‘Abyss’ series was amazing! Keep up the good work!

A visitor to St James's House Manchester

Lives up to its name – very colourful – very good. Well presented. Photography tips boards excellent (speaking to the expert in technical terms but also generally on approach to photography tips). Staff very welcoming. Needs more publicity.

A visitor to St James's House Manchester

Really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Nikki Goodhew

Lovely exhibition with interesting details from photographers.

Roy Nash

Another fascinating exhibition – keep up the good work! Interesting to see details of camera settings.

A TPA subscriber

Very good exhibition. Love the colours. The Layout of exhibits were lovely.

Merri Bischop

Very vibrant photography and mixture of photos from a number of photographers. Enjoyed the space used within the office. Very enjoyable experience.

Visitor to St James's House Manchester

A Splash of Colour London, South Quay Plaza

3rd Jun 2017 - 7th Jun 2017

Very colourful.

A visitor from London

Very interesting, large variety of images. Particularly love the landscape pictures.

A visitor from London

Very interesting & colourful & cultural.

Fanny Abordo

A Splash of Colour Reading, Thames Valley Park 1 & Thames Valley Park 2

20th May 2017 - 24th May 2017

Loved many of the photographs. The display in a large site (Thames Valley Park) gives you the chance to see lots of photographs.

A visitor to Thames Valley Park

Excellent source of inspiration for photography.

A visitor to Thames Valley Park

Terrific variety & number of exhibits.

Paul Knowlson

Fantastic! There are some very insightful photographs, and some interesting techniques on display. i really enjoyed it.

Jane Foley

Excellent opportunity to see how photographers use different settings to create great photos. Good for schools/ education.

Lorraine Kitchingham

A Splash of Colour Maidenhead, Bray House

13th May 2017 - 17th May 2017

We loved the images and space 🙂

Angie Bond

Very impressive range of images on this topic, nicely laid out with background info.

Rob Leder

Some very good pieces on show. Dorothy Lange Rules!

Tony Harrington

A Splash of Colour Ascot, Kingswood

8th Apr 2017 - 12th Apr 2017

Good mix of different subjects. Largest exhibition we’ve been to.

A visitor to Ascot

An inspiration for people who are interested in expanding their photographic horizons. Wide variety of techniques. I must try harder!!

A Visitor to Ascot

Interesting, different themes, styles, sources. Provided ideas on photo editing. Good variation throughout sites.

Stephanie Gilkes

A Splash of Colour London, Brompton Road

7th May 2017 - 11th May 2017

A brief description of how the photographs were achieved would have been useful especially Paul Chapman’s. Great colours though.

A visitor to Brompton Road

Imaginative use of vibrant colours and colour contrasts.

Norman MacDonald

A Splash of Colour Swindon, The Quadrant

24th Nov 2016 - 28th Nov 2016

Vibrant mix of colour with texture.

Julie Burchett

A Very wide range of images, very vibrant colours.

Sophie Bissex

Good variety. Well worth the visit.

Terry Chard

Loved some of the images, not sure about the conceptual ones, but that’s personal taste. Certainly lived up to the title – A Splash of Colour.

Maria Ogbourne

Very good to see large images. Particularly liked Martin Parratt and Miguel Bonor’s work.

Terry Walters

Good variety of shots, something for all tastes.

Nicky Robinson

A Splash of Colour, Uxbridge, Roundwood Avenue

15th Mar 2017 - 19th Mar 2017

Very interesting selection of photographs. Was impressed with the colours and subjects, given me ideas.

David Jones

It was a lovely selection of work presented beautifully. Adrian (our Education Officer) was very informative and interesting.

Danielle Harrison

Lots of photos (and a wide variety at that!) Very inspiring for young photographers.

Rebecca Mills

Wonderful pictures, so full of colour. Loved the ones from India. This has been one of the best exhibitions. I am looking forward to the next one.

Pat Jones

I liked the quality of the photographs and how each showed a different subject matter in different experimental ways. I liked the layout of the venue.

A Visitor from Uxbridge

A Splash of Colour London, Finsbury Tower

3rd Sep 2014 - 7th Sep 2014

Unique, interesting shots – great colours and images.

A visitor from London

It’s inspirational! But how comes I cannot take such quality photos with my top-of-the-range camera?!

Os B Mbanalbi

Some interesting images. A few, not surprisingly, stood out for me – A for apple, B for banana for example. Also good to see a range of cameras used, thus reducing the importance of expensive gear.

M Heathcote

Excellent sizes, good printing. Would be nice to have optional notes, more details about the photographers intentions, story.

Will Cook

A Splash of Colour London, Brompton Road,

22nd Aug 2015 - 26th Aug 2015

Very interesting for people interested in learning more about photography.

An amateur photographer

Lovely photos. Maybe more details on each photo from the artist.

Shalom Gurjar