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Testimonials from Streetscapes

Streetscapes Chelmsford Saxon House 2017:08:09

9th Aug 2017 - 13th Aug 2017

Lovely exhibition and wonderful photos.


Good disability access and well presented. Well themed pictures. Well lit spaces.

A visitor to Chelmsford

Gives different perspective on how to take my own images.

T Taber

Very good exhibition. Chelmsford needs more of this.

Richard Vine

Excellent standard – including information on camera settings.

Hamilton Kennedy

Some interesting and varied images. It is great to see them printed so large.

Gary Woods

Inspirational content. Good to see work produced with older and lesser cameras. Excellent displays.

Mike Drane

Great opportunity to have something here in Chelmsford. Great work on display. Really enjoyable time visiting.

Scott Wright

3rd floor was the best. Liked the silhouettes. Great presentation. Great ideas and great quotes.

J McMahon

Excellent location and display space – interesting theme and photographers interpretation of it.

Stephanie Dixon

Streetscapes Reading Forbury House 2017:08:16

16th Aug 2017 - 20th Aug 2017

Great location and of course interesting work on display. Reading town doesn’t have this kind of exhibition often, great to see that there are others planned.

A visitor to Forbury Place

Inspiring! Liked geometrical – look forward to the next. Amazing space / views.

Ed Woloszyn

Found it very insightful. Liked that the title was only stated, as it left you and your thoughts free to ponder on what/why this picture was taken, to emphasise the culture/people.

Natasha Crowshaw

Really interesting and helpful for my college project.

A student visitor to Forbury Place

Thought-provoking – all your exhibitions are enjoyable to visit.

A Visitor to Forbury Place

Really love the photos, especially the black and white ones. Think the building and light is really different to most exhibitions. Love it.

Tegan Rowley

Great – we love the way the photos are displayed and lots of open space.

A visitor to Forbury Place

A very well presented and engaging exhibition with interesting comment boards in a fabulous setting. The staff were also very helpful. My friend enjoyed the exhibition also.

Peter King

Enjoyed bringing my teenagers – to give them ideas for their own work (GCSE and A Level). Great space and light for an exhibition.

Gail Rowley

Excellent in every sense of the word – layout, setting, choice of photos, location.

J Unwin

Another good exhibition. Very inspiring. Thank you for organising these. Look forward to more.

Ian Holt

Streetscapes Bracknell, Greenwood House

26th Jul 2017 - 30th Jul 2017

I loved the variety of themes. Really thought provoking images of the beggars, and I really like how these photographers have captured seemingly insignificant moments.

A visitor to Greenwood House Bracknell

Loved it. Very enjoyable and inspirational.

Rose Beadley

Well presented and thought out with interesting thought provoking photographs. Wide variety of talented photographers and interesting subject matter.

Chris James

The exhibition contained pictures that were all inspiring, some thought-provoking, some humerous.

Alun James

Love the layout, sayings and photography tips. Truly inspiring, lots more please.

A visitor to Greenwood House Bracknell

Loved it! Love the set up of the images and the way they’re hung – clever. Also love that each picture tells such a great story – good job guys.

A visitor to Greenwood House Bracknell

Very professional. Interested in the large format and the international range.

A visitor to Greenwood House Bracknell

I really enjoyed the exhibition and wide range of images. Lovely venue.

A visitor to Greenwood House

Streetscapes London

2nd Apr 2016 - 6th Apr 2016

Very much enjoyed it – great space!

Aaron Hanaphy

Love it! Amazing Space.

A visitor from London

Inspiring, I would like to be updated on the next exhibition!


Streetscapes Uxbridge

30th Dec 2015 - 3rd Jan 2016

I liked it a lot. I wished I had learned about it sooner so I could come back with my daughter.

Ayana Horton

Very good selection of pictures. Black and white ones are very good. Great exhibition. Looking forward to next one.

Pat Jones

As usual a very good selection of interesting photographs. A good mix of colour and black and white, which is good to see.

David Jones

A great collection of photographs that reflect what we see on a daily basis. 'Streetscapes' is a great title that represents this collection.

A visitor to Uxbridge

Streetscapes Exeter

25th Feb 2015 - 1st Mar 2015

Thought provoking. Absolutely excellent for every amateur photographer.

Russell McGowan

An excellent use of an unused building. some amazing pieces of work.

Sharon Garland

Excellent – look forward to the next one!

Visitor from local camera club

Unquestionably the best so far. Challenging for my own meagre efforts.

Visitor who works near the venue

Great exhibition. Loved the various tips scattered around. Also liked the details on most of the pictures ie. camera settings, location etc.

Visitor from Sidmouth Photo Club

Fabulous exhibition – my class engaged very well with the scavenger hunt and enjoyed matching photos to each category.

Hannah Lidstone

Streetscapes Leeds

18th Feb 2015 - 22nd Feb 2015

It really inspired me to get out and take some photos even if they don't mean anything to anyone else. It also made me think – actually I have taken some good photos myself – get them framed.

Rebecca Raine

Inspiring photographs – makes me want to go out and photograph. Good location/venue for the theme Streetscapes ie. 5th floor overlooking city.

Jane Collins

Highly enjoyable. A wide variety of interesting images presented well in a lovely space.

Rob Dascenzo & Mariana Garcia

Fantastic images & venue to show them off – would love to contribute to an exhibition.

Jill Setterington

Interesting insight into different aspects of city life.

C Aldridge

Great collection of 'people' photographs. A bit more information on each piece would make the display more engaging. Overall, very enjoyable!

Rob Douglas

Loved it! It's really nice to be able to see this kind of photography at exhibition, because I don't know anywhere else I would be able to see it.

Felicia Scully

Streetscapes Maidenhead

11th Feb 2015 - 15th Feb 2015

Well presented and laid out. Good exhibition space – nice format.

Visitor from Wokingham and East Berkshire Camera Club

Nice variety of styles – something for everyone. Would like to see future exhibitions.


Streetscapes Birmingham

28th Jan 2015 - 1st Feb 2015

A lot better than expected, very good exhibition.

R Iffey

Streetscapes Manchester

21st Jan 2015 - 25th Jan 2015

Very good and interesting. I have taken some photos of Chinese New Year celebration, buildings, sunset in Liverpool Docks etc. I thought my photos are rubbish, but after this I feel better. My photos are not as good as the photos in the exhibition.

Bernard Bruce

A fascinating and diverse range of images from moody, reflective monochrome to vibrant colour reflecting widely differing aspects of the urban landscape, and it's residents! Most enjoyable – thank you!

Stephen Horrocks

Good variety of subjects. Good pictures.

Ken Jackson

Saw many old favourites from previous Streetscene exhibitions by yourself. The 'new' photos were fascinating.

Ron Taylor

Streetscapes Fareham

8th Dec 2014 - 12th Dec 2014

Very nice street photography. Great composition & effects.

Greg Rowe

I wish I had heard about this earlier. I am a camera club member and this exhibition has given me inspiration. The large images are really good. Very enjoyable.

Malcolm Curd

Great shots. Well laid out. Very enjoyable.

Tony Russell

Excellent exhibition. Wonderful layout and use of space.

Mike Burt

Streetscapes Weybridge

8th Nov 2014 - 12th Nov 2014

great size of photos & good info about each one – excellent.

Mrs Sue M Hazeldine

A great mixture of shots from a diverse group of photographers. An eye-opening view on the world.

John Martin

I thought it was very good and brought a bit of culture to what can often be a sterile 'business' environment at Brooklands.

Matthew Evans

Really great photographs, photographers clearly talented! Definitely worth a visit. Needs more advertising to do it justice!

Jess Arthur

Streetscapes Ascot

25th Oct 2014 - 29th Oct 2014

Well set out with plenty of room to move about. Well presented photos. Some very imaginative and thought provoking.

Peter Edwards

Very good with mixed input from very different photographers. Great idea using empty facilities.

Nick McKie

Enjoyed the technical aspects of the photographs.

Tim Bushell

Streetscapes Leeds

4th Oct 2014 - 8th Oct 2014

Excellent – well worth visit to Leeds just for exhibition.

Elizabeth Jackson

This was a well curated show and a great mixture of different viewpoints from some great photographers.

Ashwin Vyas

Streetscapes Manchester

11th Oct 2014 - 15th Oct 2014

Exhibition 1st class. In photography, presentation and varied subjects. Very well done.

Brian Lomas CPAGB

The venue was quite difficult to find, but it was well worth it. Fantastic collection of photographs on a wide variety of themes – very enjoyable! Exceptionally friendly helpful and warm welcome from the attendant – who also gave me a quick tour! A big thumbs up! 🙂

Stephen Horrocks

Excellent. Liked the variety of shots. Nice to see other people enjoying the exhibition.

Maurice Wilson

Lovely light airy space! Some amazing shots – felt the pictures were effective blown up and there were some great thought inspiring quotes, particularly effective being placed in the offside rooms and spaces so that they couldn't be missed. Great view of the surrounding buildings and area.

Kaye Doherty

Brilliant exhibition – photographs work really well in large size – a real mixture. Love the use of venue – great use of an empty space – some thought provoking quotes too.

Steve Ingle

Excellent: preferred this to previous exhibition at First Street – more because of my interest in landscapes and architecture and architectural shapes.

Ron Taylor

Some beautifully striking shots. Each photograph tells its own story and makes you feel like part of it.


Excellent – size, space and silence to think.

Damian Piersich

Excellent exhibition and excellent space – well set out – great information on boards. Very atmospheric and powerful.

E. Bensford

Really enjoyable, great images and tips on photography.

Lisa Swiatek

Love how everything is spaced out, the space and the info on every picture.


Streetscapes Bracknell

16th Aug 2014 - 20th Aug 2014

Excellent, very well displayed, superb selection. Great to see so much black and white. (As a B&W film photographer).

L J Wild

Streetscapes Greater London

9th Aug 2014 - 13th Aug 2014

Some of the photos are unique. Interesting views of the photographers themselves. Would love to see self portraits.

Mary Awitan

Interesting space & great work on show. Shame there weren't more people here to see it.

Brian Coldrick

Really well laid out – lots of space to really absorb each of the images. A quiet space with an urban theme.

Kate Walshe

Streetscapes Camberley

26th Jul 2014 - 30th Jul 2014

Interesting subjects with unusual aspects.

B Ainge

Excellent. Great photography advice. Would like more specific location of photos.

Jane Howell

Streetscapes Reading

21st Jun 2014 - 25th Jun 2014

The photos gave the pupils an opportunity to consider possible starting points for their GCSE Portfolio project. Very enjoyable, thank you on behalf of the staff and pupils of Phoenix College.

Phoenix College Reading

Streetscapes Stockport

14th Jun 2014 - 18th Jun 2014

The exhibition provided lots of material to get the children talking about art, photography and life around the world.

Year 5 teacher, Stockport.

The children were able to experience art in a different form. They enjoyed looking at the pictures and learning about the artists and where in the world the pictures were taken.

Ms. Berry, Lisburne Primary School

Some interesting photographs, well set out. It is good to be able to stand back in plenty of space. I also enjoyed the comments about photography. It would have been really helpful to know more of the camera details in some shots.

Bridget Dimbleby

I can watch your pictures for days

Antonio Tombacco

Striking images, beautifully set out. venue was excellent for showcasing the exhibition. Interesting photos.

Marilyn John

Again I have enjoyed the exhibition

Dudley Pittman

I loved the large canvases – would have liked literature on aim of photographers.

Emma Rossi

A great collection of street scenes. Very pleased that camera details of settings were included – it will help me!

Margaret Wordsworth

Streetscapes London

28th Jun 2014 - 2nd Jul 2014

Loved it – need to come back tomorrow with a notebook. Stepped into someone else's perception and found my own.

Rita Purvis

Some interesting photos – really liked Karl Wood's pictures.

David Sterne

Loved the idea very much. Some photos are quite stunning, the rest mostly very nice.

Yael Unna

Enjoyed it, especially the space.

B Bontoft

Very interesting & well taken & composed photographs

Richard Knight

It was very enjoyable


Streetscapes Chester

7th Jun 2014 - 11th Jun 2014

First time at an exhibition. Enjoyed it a lot – building was odd but pictures are amazing

Graham Jarvis

Streetscapes Newcastle

31st May 2014 - 4th Jun 2014

Interesting, varied, atmospheric. Allows one to view ordinary life in a different way. Well worth visiting.

Pamela Stephens

Interesting. It has given me some ideas.

G Stephens

Streetscapes Bristol

24th May 2014 - 28th May 2014

An interesting variety of photos. Would love to know which were Photoshopped (some obvious but others less clear). Also perhaps more info for beginners on how the photos were taken

Christine Miles